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Logic 9 Can't get a click going!?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by xmiinc, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. xmiinc

    xmiinc Member

    [apologies, I initially posted this to an existing thread before realizing it was in 'Legacy Logic']

    For the life of me, I can't get a click going...metronome icon is enabled, prefs have it enabled in both rec and play and using klopfgeist (though Note and Velocity are greyed out), from the Environment I have the output going to 1-2 (stereo out), level is at 0.0db. Yet when I hit Play there's nothing. No audio, no meter deflection, nothing...what the ding-dong am I missing?
    TIA, Tom
  3. xmiinc

    xmiinc Member

    Problem solved...only I'm not sure how/why? The only thing I did (on the 5th or 6th opening of Metronome prefs) was finding out from the latest L9 manual that beat/bar toggles apply for BOTH midi and klopfgeist metronome-types. The weird thing is, I played with those toggles earlier and the klopfgeist settings remained greyed out(?). I go back in and voila, the klopfgeist toggles work! Turns out, its NECESSARY to have the toggles enabled for anything to be heard from klopfgeist.

    Well, that's about 3 hours(!!!) I'll never get back solving that piss-ass simple thing. OK, I had some detours along the way, but still...

    Hope this helps someone in future...

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