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Logic 9 Can't see what I type while editing marker names

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by ericgoetz, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. ericgoetz

    ericgoetz New Member

    Every once in awhile, Logic somehow gets in this mode where when I'm editing marker names (via ctrl-enter "Rename Marker" key-command), Logic won't show me the text I'm editing, as I'm typing. Another symptom is that the marker edit window doesn't show the current marker that I have selected. This appears to happen when I'm in an "alternative" other than #1. I can temporarily get them in sync by switching alternatives, but they go out of sync again, the next time I hit ctrl-enter.

    Is this a bug? I swear I've been able to edit marker names using "Rename Marker" under alternative marker lists yesterday, but somehow can't now. I have to type blindly and hit enter before I can see what I typed.

    A workaround is for me to to click in the marker name edit window, but I'm creating dozens of markers, and it slows me down.

    Hopefully this description makes sense. See attached screenshot for example of how the marker name edit window doesn't show the current marker.

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