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Logic 9 Changing from staccato to legato etc.

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Hagroth, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Hagroth

    Hagroth New Member

    My MIDI or VST track is connected to a cello VSTi, and for some reason, some notes are played back as staccato, even if they are really long and have the same velocity, volume, modulation and so on. The sample is a staccato one, while the legato-sounding notes are legato samples. But rather than going through every single note manually and changing the samples assigned to them, is there any easier way to change from staccato to legato for example?

    Thanks in advance!
  3. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member


    It would be helpful to know what specific software instrument you're using
    and how it's set up to switch articulations: key switching?, CC#1?, velocity?, separate instrument per articulation?

    Are you trying to switch between staccato and legato notes?

    Can you enter you system specifications per #4 of the Terms of Use?
  4. Hagroth

    Hagroth New Member

    I'm not quite sure, sorry. It's not my computer, it's in a studio I'm renting. The only thing I remember is that it's equipped with a 2.8 GHz CPU. It doesn't affect the way VSTis are handled anyway, does it?

    IIRC it's the stock cello VSTi. Some notes appear as pizzicato or staccato, and I'd like to convert them to legato.

    How can I check how it's set up to switch between articulations? So there's no general way?
    Definitely not velocity or modulation since I've tried setting the automation for these with no change in articulation.
  5. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    When you say stock VSTi, that can only mean an EXS 24 instrument.

    Which one have you loaded? Do you see instrument names like these if you open the Library while the EXS Cello track is selected? (see attachment)

    The way I like to work is to select the instrument named "Cellos" vs the other more specifically named instruments. Reason being that it contains all of the the listed articulations.

    Articulations are changed via Modulation (continuous controller #1) data.

    Copy and paste the following into the Media>Notes for the Cello track as a quick visual reference. Draw in or record CC#1 data a needed.
    VC-L_Legato_f CC#1 0-9 vel 111-127
    VC-L_Legato_mf CC#1 0-9 vel 71-110
    VC-L_Legato_p CC#1 0-9 vel 0-70

    VC_stac_downbow CC#1 10-36 vel 0-127
    VC_stac_upbow CC#1 10-36 vel 0-127

    VC-L_tremolo_mf CC#1 37-63 vel 0-127

    VC_trills_half tone CC#1 64-90 vel 0-127
    VC_trills_whole tone CC#1 91-117 vel 0-127

    VC_pizz_f CC#1 118-127 vel 111-127
    VC_pizz_p CC#1 118-127 vel 0-110

    FYI, The Logic parlance is software instrument vs VSTi.:hippy:)

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  6. Hagroth

    Hagroth New Member

    Thank you so much! That's right, "EXS 24" it is, I'll try it out tomorrow!
  7. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    It should be a matter of:
    -Inserting the EXS 24 (sounds like it already is)
    - Choosing the Cellos instrument
    - Loop and playback your recorded MIDI region.

    a- During playback move the Mod wheel to various positions (look at the MIDI Monitor in your Transport bar). Refer to the CC#1 values previously posted when positioning the Mod wheel as this creates the magic of switching articulations.


    b- you can also draw in CC#1 values exactly where you want them in the HyperDraw section at the bottom of the Piano Roll.

    Don't hesitate to ask more questions.
  8. Hagroth

    Hagroth New Member

    By "mod wheel" and "CC#1", you mean the "modulation" automation thing in the piano roll as well, right? The articulation doesn't change at all when I change the modulation.
  9. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member


    Does the system you're using have all of the EXS 24 string instruments as shown in my previous attachment?

    The values I previously supplied are taken directly from the EXS24 editor Groups view. See attachment.

    By watching the MIDI Monitor at the right end of the Transport, I can see the modulation/CC#1 values as I position the mod wheel on my keyboard controller. The Cello articulations will switch based on the CC
    #1 values previously listed.

    Before I got a spiffy controller, I used to (and still do...) draw in data in the Hyper Draw editor at the bottom of the Piano Roll.

    Looking at the second attachment, the values entered with the venerable Pencil tool instruct my Cello to start off playing legato notes, then switch to staccato up & down bowing, to finally pizzicato notes.

    You should be able to achieve similar results if the EXS 24 instruments have not been modified for some reason.

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  10. shreddersinc

    shreddersinc Member

    I thought I would jump in here rather than start a new thread.

    I would like to use the exs24 like you said(I did use the pencil tool in the hyper editor,but it's to slow) I don't have a mod wheel on my Casio Privia but I do have a Akai mpd18(that has a fader) Where would I assign that fader too use it like a mod wheel?

    P.s. I do know how to "learn control assignment" Pref>control surface>Learn

    Thanks, I wanted to ask this question for some time, but put it off.
  11. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    In the software editor of the MPD18. Set the fader to CC#1.
  12. shreddersinc

    shreddersinc Member

    Thanks Peter, jeez that was easy.
    Wish I would of asked long time ago.

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