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Chord progressions in EXS24, who wants try it for songwriting?

Discussion in 'Music Creation' started by maschimaro, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. maschimaro

    maschimaro New Member


    I am working on my honours thesis and I have created some Sampler settings for the EXS24 Sampler which can be useful for writing songs/building melodies.

    Brief description of Sampler Settings:
    Different chord progressions are sampled in each keys of EXS24. Example:
    By playing key E3 you hear a chord progression C-Am-F-G.
    By playing A3 you hear the chord progression Dm-C-Am-G.
    You can choose any chord progressions, combine them and build melodies to them.

    The structure of settings and terms of usage are explained in the users manual.
    In the following chapter you can read about the basics of harmony, chords and tips for songwriting.
    The users manual includes 10 pages text (total 20 pages). The chapters are written brief and simple.

    Send me an email to turnaroundchords@googlemail.com if you are interested in songwriting and if you want to test the sampler settings.

    I am happy to answer any further questions. :)
    Thanks a lot in advance!
  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    This is an interesting idea, it might be nice to link to some audio demos. You can also upload the manual, it might give everyone a better idea of what this is about.
  4. maschimaro

    maschimaro New Member

  5. dsw67

    dsw67 Member

    Looks very cool, although I'm not sure I understand exactly how it works, but I'm a Logic newbie.
  6. maschimaro

    maschimaro New Member

    Hi dsw67,
    by playing the midi keyboard keys you can hear different chord progressions. You can choose anyone of them to compose melodies to the chosen chord progressions.
    Maybe you can try the settings (if you didn't send me an email already)
    and you will understand how the settings will work.:)

    I forgot to write: there are also 2-chord progressions like:

    and so on..

    with these 2-chord progressions you can build your own progressions you like.

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