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Logic 9 cleaning a drum sample

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by nvkrog, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. nvkrog

    nvkrog New Member

    hi guys.
    i'm playing around a bit with the amen break, chopping it, etc. but what i would really like to do is to clean up the sample a bit, maybe separate some layered sounds if possible... i have no idea how to clean the sample, so could someone give me a few pointers?
    here's the version of the sample that i'm trying to clean:
  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Well, you could chop things up by beat and add a custom fade to remove the decay,

    2) EQ things,

    3) Try and get a clean sample of the ride, reverse the phase, and add it back into the snare sample to get rid of the sound of the ride (use this to remove sounds within a loop).

    there are a few things you can try
  4. Staircase2

    Staircase2 Member

    Propellerheads Recycle is fantastic for things like this which then means you can chop up all the beats really easily, save them as a REX file (which Logic now reads I believe) or use all the individual hits as a 'kit' to replay your own beats with them.

    Although theres a feature in Logic which does the same thing if memory serves (strip silence perhaps? - been a long time since I used that)

    I like George's idea of doing the phase reverse to get rid of the ride for example - but surely this would only work properly if the ride cymbal is an exact copy of the one that is also over the Snare Drum?

    To be honest one of the key philosophies I picked up from my work doing sessions was that if it aint right then dont fix it lol
    Just look for something which is right in the first place - or chop up the loop and use less of it (ie 1 bar instead of 2).

    It sounds like theres a loop been applied to it already which is slightly out - using that would just be a nightmare to use (which may be why youre trying to chop it up into pieces as we speak! lol)

    PS I would also recommend for storing and sharing audio/pics/video/media files etc - you dont have to sit thru the waiting thing before being able to hear it - and you dont have to download it - you can choose just to press 'play' and listen to it streaming.
    Its also free (Ive been using it for EPK files and sending Audio files out to DJs etc etc for quite a few years and its been very reliable.
  5. nvkrog

    nvkrog New Member

    i have chopped it already.
    how do i add a custom fade? in a sample editor?

    i'm not sure what you mean...
  6. nvkrog

    nvkrog New Member

    i've used the exs24 to chop the sample by the transient markers and i would been surprised if recycle is much better, because this way the transient markers are really not placed very accurately.

    would any of you know somewhere where it's possible to find a cleaner version of this sample then? i am just trying to get as close to the original, but much cleaner.

    anyways, i've also thought about re-creating the drum sounds myself. is there any simple way of doing this? i mean, for instance, getting ultrabeat to automatically create a similar sound...

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