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Logic X Clicks and Pops

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Jay Denson, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. Jay Denson

    Jay Denson Senior member

    I'm working on a large orchestral piece and although I'm not getting a message that core audio can't handle it, I am getting clicks and pops everywhere. I'm hardly using any plug-ins - not even EQ.

    My question is - if I buy, say, a Focusrite audio out device will I have more success?

    Thanks Jay
  3. sonnykeyes

    sonnykeyes Senior member

    If it's a large orchestral piece with lots of sample libraries playing back (you have a few listed in your signature) you might be hearing disk-access glitches rather than CPU overload. Try moving some of the libraries to different drives and see if that helps.

    BTW I've made that sound simpler than it is - some of those products will make you jump through some hoops to find their libraries again after you've moved them, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

    Also, out of curiosity, what are you using for audio out now, just the computer audio card?
  4. Jay Denson

    Jay Denson Senior member

    Hi Sonnykeys

    Thanks for your reply. As far as CPU overload goes, the CPU bargraph in Activity Monitor shows all 8 cores at about 40%.

    I have a feeling you may be right about disk access glitches

    The problem with my libraries is that, apart from the Hollwood libraries, (which are on their own dedicated 3TB + 8GB SSD drive), all my other libraries refused to be installed anywhere but the 3TB system drive. I really don't fancy trying to relocate them - it sounds like days of work. And where would I put them. I have a backup 3TB drive purely for cloning my system drive (with the libraries on them). But I do have one more slot available.

    Yes, I'm just using the computer's audio card for output.

    I'd appreciate any more ideas you may have. I'm going to replace some of the very memory-intensive Hollywood tracks with other less demanding libraries to see if that helps.

    So far, many thanks, Jay
  5. Jay Denson

    Jay Denson Senior member

    Hi Everyone

    Many thanks for all your kind suggestions, here and on Logic Pro Help. Here's what I've done:

    I got rid of the Hollywood 1st violin double track - didn't make any difference.

    Next I got rid of a Hollywood cello marcato track (I can edit the main legato track for the short notes). Lo and behold, the entire problem seems to have gone away. I'm so pleased. However, I think I will invest in an interface.

    In answer to Eric's question: I/O buffer is 512 and Process buffer is Medium.

    Apart from the Hollywood Diamond libraries which are on a dedicated 3TB + 8GB SSD drive, all other libraries are on the 3TB system drive as, during install, they all insisted on being on the system drive.

    P.S. I have since added the cello marcato track back and got rid of other Hollywood instruments. Same good result. The answer seems to be that, despite 8GB of SSD on the Hollywood drive, too much Hollywood doesn't work well - each track is around 500MB.

    Thank you all again and kind regards, Jay
  6. bambony

    bambony Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Jay

    Have you tried freezing tracks? Simply unfreeze them when you want to edit. Slower workflow but might make for a more manageable project...

  7. Jay Denson

    Jay Denson Senior member

    Hi Tony

    I haven't needed to freeze tracks as I found the solution a different way. But many thanks for the suggestion.

    Kind regards, Jay
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