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Logic X Club Mixtape

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Urbexx1, May 28, 2016.

  1. Urbexx1

    Urbexx1 New Member

    im trying to make a mixtape on logic, i want to be able to mix individual tracks together just how you would live mixing for example on pioneer cdjs or a dj controller serato etc. Is there a way to do this?, i am new to logic. If there is somebody on this forum that can help i would be more than grateful or send a link to a tutorial.

    If you don't really understand what i mean this is a example of a mix i would like to do:

    thank you!
  3. Not wanting to sound harsh or anything, but... you bought a 200-bucks piece of pro-audio software to make a mixtape? Without having the faintest idea how to achieve that with said software? That's remarkable...
    On a more helpful note: Logic probably is overkill for what you want to achieve (or, alternate answer: you really should spend some time with the manual and a few online tutorials). You try to use the Abbey Road studios for something a cassette deck was invented for :).
  4. sonnykeyes

    sonnykeyes Senior member

    While Hendrik has a point about Logic being able to do more than you are asking it to, it is still entirely possible to do what you're asking for using Logic. Simply import your music tracks into a project and drag them onto the timeline, first track on Audio Track 1, then the second track on Audio Track 2, then back to Audio Track 1 again for the third track and so on until the end. This way the end of one track can be lined up with the last beat of the previous track or whatever kind of overlap you like, moving the tracks around until you like the transition between them. When it all plays just the way you like it, you can Bounce the whole assembly to a single audio file and you're done.

    This might require a bit of manual reading at first, but as you get more comfortable with Logic, you might find yourself actually creating the tracks yourself and eventually making a mixtape of all your own work!
  5. Sonny, thx for being a bit more upbeat than I was... Been working to long, being suspicious about someone paying (he did, didn't he?) that kind of money for this kind of purpose... Your answer was more helpful than mine.
  6. sonnykeyes

    sonnykeyes Senior member

    Hendrik, you've answered more than your share of difficult questions on this forum, (which makes me wonder why you are listed as a 'New Member'..?) and certainly your suspicion may be justified. Chime in, Urbexx1, you did pay, didn't you?
  7. Gosh... I'm being remembered... just when I started to forget myself :). <blush> About the "New Member": the LUG transferred to this web-based thingy some ages ago, and at that point the post-count was probably reset to 0. I just wish that being New felt the same as being Young. lol...

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