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Logic 9 Control MIDI Expression by a fader

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by jaikumar.sivalingam, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. jaikumar.sivalingam

    jaikumar.sivalingam New Member

    Hi All,

    I am playing a Violin Track and I do not want to draw any Automation /Expression curves manually. So could you please tell me how to Control MIDI Expression (dynamics) with the help of a fader without disturbing the Volume?

    Could you also help me to set up the Logic Pro environment please?
  3. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    1. Go to the Click & Ports Environment layer.
    2. From the "New" menu select ->Fader ->Vertical. Click and drag the fader bottom right corner to re-size it (bigger is better).
    3. Cable the fader to the "Input View" monitor object.
    4. Select the fader and change its output definition (labeled as -1-) in the properties Inspector to the left. The "-1-" is set to "7" by default so you have to click the "7", hold and choose "11" (expression) in the flip menu.
    5. Select any track, hit record and operate.
    6. You can set that as a "Frameless" float window and re-size it (so you can see only the fader) and store the scene as a Screenset #.

    Another scenario is to transform CC#1 (Modulation to Expression) and use the Modulation Wheel of your external controller if you have any.
    1. Create new Transformer in Click & Ports and cable it between the Physical Input and the Sequencer Input object.
    2. Set the Transformer as follows:
    Condition (top row) "Status" = Control
    Condition (top row) "Pitch" (Data Byte 1) = 1
    Operation (bottom row) "Pitch" (Data Byte 1) = 11

  4. jaikumar.sivalingam

    jaikumar.sivalingam New Member

    Hi AG,

    Thanks for your reply... :) Finally ... I got it after searching over the internet for 3 months :) God Bless... :)

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