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Logic 9 Control modular synth for polyphony with Logic environment

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Lebanon, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Lebanon

    Lebanon New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I want to build a Logic environment where with each consecutive press of any key from 1 MIDI controller, it will alternate channels 1-4 for instance, on 1 MIDI output of my AMT8 (which by the way is incredibly buggy and loses connection quite often, but that's besides the point).

    I am trying to trigger my modular synth via an Encore Expressionist CV/MIDI converter and want to setup a polyphonic patch. With each pressed key, it will trigger a different oscillator so you can play and hold up to 4 notes at a time.

    I feel like there must be a way to make a Logic Environment to do this. Or maybe someone knows another way to accomplish this.


  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    I don't really understand your request.


    If you play notes on your keyboard, Logic should switch the MIDI channel on 1 of 4 outputs? Which one of the 4 outputs in which pattern? Or random? Or based on note number or velocity?

    What are you going to send through these outputs, the same notes or controller messages? Something else?

    Do you also need to record what you are doing and if yes, what do you record? The original notes, the channel numbers, the outgoing messages?


    At the first glance this doesn't look complicated for the Logic Environment. Should also be possible in MidiPipe depending on the exact specification. Should be possible in Bidule and is quite easy in Max.
  4. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    I do not agree with that - you can create incredible midi processing tools, cause the L. Environment is probably the best midi one ever made (now I'm spending more time in Kontakt KSP scripting and see how long time it takes to program a midi tool which can be made in the Logic Enviro just for 1-2 hours...).
    Edit: Even the poweful Logic midi enviro such schemes are not easy to build so "doesn't look complicated" is really complicated - just try to build such a scheme Peter and you will see what I'm talking about ...

    OK just to the question. Reading the original topic I see that the OP needs some kind of real - time midi "Polyphonic Channelizer". Some time ago I posted a Demo beta version of my Logic "Polyphonic Channelizer Tool" in this forum just to encourage the Environment experts...
    Here is the forum link:


    OP - go to that link and read carefully the description. Download the tool and try - the Logic demo template is previously loaded with some software instruments and the song is set to Multi player mode (autodemix by midi channel is enabled).
    PS. This Environment tool can be used with external midi devices as well though the demo template use Software Instruments !
  5. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    What was wrong with my sentence? I said "doesn't look complicated for Logic". This means that it should be possible in Logic. Maybe just a misunderstanding between Austrian English and Bulgarian English ;)
  6. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Nothing wrong Peter, I posted and "Edit" in my previous post where I explain that it is one of the most complicated environment schemes I have ever made...
    Many enviro experts thought that this is not possible in the pass, so I guess you are a great optimist like me to say "doesn't look complicated for Logic".
    I say complicated cause of the three "Challenges" of my "Polyphonic Channelizer" I explain in the target link. Sometimes some tasks do not look complicated but if you try to override them you will find out lots of challenges or come to a dead end. For example: Making a Note Pitch randomizer scheme seems something simple, but if you try that you will go into terrible troubles with note hanging notes, cause of the simple reason - the note OFFs do not follow the randomized note ONs etc. Same with real-time transpose (if you have playing notes and try to remote control a transformer transposition) the result be hanging notes. On the other side this works well in the hardware workstation synths, therefore there must be a way to re-create this midi processing in the Logic Environment (this is my Moto), so I try to follow it and this way could crack these schemes in the Enviro. As a whole they are really very complicated, and require serious development. Hope you understand my BG English ? :thmbup:

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