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Logic 9 Control Surface Programming Help Request

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Peter Schwartz, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Peter Schwartz

    Peter Schwartz New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I recently acquired an original Logic Control. Luv it! :D

    I'm interested in reprogramming some of the front panel buttons to serve other functions. Even though I have a background in programming, some of the Control Surface programming intricacies have me baffled. For example, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the Touch button to actually set a channel to Touch instead of Read. :brkwl:

    Wondering if anyone out there is well-versed in the wily ways of CS programming and could me lend a hand with this and some other re-programming I'd like to do.


  3. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

  4. Peter Schwartz

    Peter Schwartz New Member

    Hi Atlas,

    Thanks for your reply. Indeed I have that manual, and I just can't get my head around a lot of what is discussed in there. I usually roll my own when it comes to Logic, but this is one area where I'd love someone to guide me through a few steps.
  5. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Hi Ski,

    I have not tweaked LC for years but I was used to record some notes and issues of other users. Here is what I found in my records (I have not tried that, so just try if you want).
    Here are the steps:
    1. While still in 64-bit mode in Logic, delete all control surfaces from the Preferences>Control Surfaces>Setup page
    2. Quit Logic
    3. Trash the control surface preference file: [user]/Library/Preferences/
    4. Tell Logic to open in 32-bit mode (selected in the application's Get Info window in the Finder)
    5. Open Logic in 32-bit mode and setup/scan for your surfaces
    6. Verify that everything works properly
    7. Quit Logic and set it back to 64-bit mode
    8. Open Logic in 64-bit mode, and the control surface should now still work properly.

  6. Peter Schwartz

    Peter Schwartz New Member

    Hi Tangra,

    Thanks for your reply.

    So that I understand... are you saying that by following your procedure that this will fix the function of the Touch button on the Logic Control?


  7. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    As I mentioned above I have not tried that procedure cause I have not such issue with the LC - the touch button worked as expected on the machines I have been working on. Anyway I have seen such reports like yours, that's why I put these steps into my LC records just in case. Try the procedure if you want (backup the control surface preference file).
  8. Peter Schwartz

    Peter Schwartz New Member


    Your procedure worked nicely, thank you very much! Touch/Latch/Read/Off buttons all work properly now.


  9. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Hi Peter,
    I'm glad that your problem is solved. The procedure was reasonable that's why I put it in my notes just in case if anybody need it one day.

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