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Conversion from Logic 5.5 to Logic 9.02 (pc to mac)

Discussion in 'Working in the Music Industry' started by appletree, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. appletree

    appletree New Member

    Hi. I'm a teacher who is a working musican in the Bay area. More info: /zackferris. I'm working with a classical label where there are 6 years of work on a pc and we want to convert mac. The main issue is we need to be able to sort the sliders in order from
    1) audio
    2) audio instrument
    3) buses
    4) main outs

    in that order 1-4

    The conversion from asio to core engine is not smooth causing a midi timeout error.

    I've deleted all the old midi instruments. Why I thinking its a audio issue is the touch, read , write latch don't work. So I 'm thinking its a wiring issue or order issue.

    My workarounds are

    1) rebuild the mixer
    2) drag all files to new file

    Both incredibly time consuming

    It is a .LSO to Core conversion which is Logic Audio 5.5 to Logic Studio 9.02

    Any hints or links would be great thank you and happy holidays.

    I'm on a time crunch.

    Product needs to be completed by Jan 2

    Thank you
  3. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    What may be causing problems here is universal track mode. Try to find out whether the logic 5 projects were created wth UTM on or off. It off, then you need to switch it off in Logic 9 before importing. If on, then leave it switched on in Logic 9.

    kind regards


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