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Logic 7 & earlier Convert Logic 4.8 (PC) songs to Logic pro 9

Discussion in 'Logic 7 and older Versions' started by papagombo, May 4, 2012.

  1. papagombo

    papagombo New Member

    I have songs that I need to converted from Logic Audio Gold 4.8 on a PC to Logic pro 9 on an intel macbook pro.
    I understand these songs must be opened / saved by Logic 5 6 or 7 to get converted : is that correct ?
    I can't do any Logic upgrade on my PC (outdated Win98), so I guess the only option would be to install Logic 7.2 on the mbp : is that correct ? will logic 7.2 run on an intel mbp / lion 10.7.3 ?
    Any other options ?
    Would logic Express do the trick
    Any ideas where to get / buy an executable copy of Logic 7.2 (or any other valid options ... )

    Thanks for ur help


    GNATZ STUDIO New Member

    I would like to guess.
    During the days of audio recording, everything was stored in either .aud or .au, and although the system used their own encoding, the files were openable in thier base system format, which was an "openandplay" encoding that opened them as a recorded sound segment, some were compatible with .snd, when opened in an app or system that used openandplay registers.

    The new systems use their own equivalent of .mid, and they mostly use .mid as a root register. You might find in the register, the right extension, or maybe the path for the store of the files. When you convert old files to new formats, your looking for trouble. You need to find out what files are compatible with both the old and new system, and convert them to that format and share them. I have made this work before, but not with sound and midi systems. I changed some aud to snd and they didn't work, but I had some luck converting snd to mid.
    Any Help?
  4. willnubu

    willnubu Senior member

    I got Logic 7.2 (Pro & Express) to run on Mt Lion, but my Logic 7.2 can't convert Logic 4.8 songs, but I know Logic 7.0 can.

    Ebay is best option for buying Logic software in my opinion.

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