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Logic TDM Converting DTDM to CoreAudio

Discussion in 'Logic TDM' started by zerobeat, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. zerobeat

    zerobeat Senior member

    In Logic 7 and before, it was obvious how to do this.

    How can I do it in Logic 9.1 (and maintain all the Audio Unit plugins)??

    The Apple FAQ says that in Logic 8 it's automatic (just the act of opening up a DAE/DTDM song will force Logic to ask "convert to core audio???). But this doesn't work in Logic 9.

    I'm opening up an old song done with DAE/DTDM and it doesn't ask.

    Yes, I tried to change the engine to Universal Track Mode OFF and still nothing.
  3. tigerman

    tigerman Senior member

    try with logic 8 ? do you have it ?
    it has never worked very well to be honest even on previous versions

    BTW you can use the new logic 9 function that lets you able to browse the content of a song and import all the channels you want, maybe in this way it will convert that in the new format while importing ?

    give it a try

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