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Logic 7 & earlier Converting Logic 4.6 to Logic Pro

Discussion in 'Logic 7 and older Versions' started by andy1210, Sep 1, 2013.

  1. andy1210

    andy1210 New Member

    I am currently converting all my old files from 2000 onwards to my current platform, Mac Pro, running a MOTU 828Mk11 sound card.

    My old files are running on a blue & white G3, Logic 4.6.

    I take these onto my laptop running mac os 10.5 & Logic 7 and save to the new format.

    From there I am taking them onto my Mac Pro OS 10.7 and saving them.

    This is working really well (although it took some tracking software and getting the old G3 back running as it was back in the day!)

    The problem I am having with some files is that, my G3 was running an Emagic Audiowerk 8 sound card. I have the option when transferring to Logic 7 to convert the audiowerk 8 channel strips to built in input output.

    Most of the files work fine from there,

    BUT, some the files are coming into Logic Pro, and still referencing the Audiowerk 8 soundcard as their output. And the Channel strips are renamed as 'volume controllers'

    I can't see any options for simply changing these channel strips into audio tracks ... ie, Motu audio tracks.

    I could create new audio tracks and drag the parts onto these but I loose any automation & info by doing that and also its real time consuming work around.

    I have attached a pic that shows,

    - The audio channel that has renamed itself 'vol controller'
    - The audio 5 channel parameters that reference (audiowerk)

    I can't find any options to simply convert the audio channels to a new setting.

    Has anyone experienced this at all?

    Warm regards

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