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Logic X "Copy Apple Sound Library Content into Project"

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by paulnajar, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. paulnajar

    paulnajar Senior member

    Hi All,

    it's the time of year where I have to mark a whole bunch of student assignments and sometimes their asset management skills are lacking leading to audio used in a project that is missing from the project folder or they don't tick the "Copy Apple Sound Library Content into Project" option in the Project Settings/ Assets section.

    If Logic can't find non factory audio it gives the option to Locate or have Logic look for it etc - but if the audio is from one of Apple's libraries and the "Copy Apple Sound Library Content into Project" option is not ticked Logic will only look for it in the default Factory Library location - even if you have alias's there pointing to where you actually choose to store your factory Library.

    After not finding the sound in the default Location Logic then offers to download the whole library for you again even though you already have it in your system. If you cancel out of that and check in Additional Content for anything not downloaded Logic tells me I have it all.

    The only way to reconnect the content with the project is to double click on the missing audio reference in the Project Audio window and manually locate - which can be a pain when there's a few files missing.

    Any suggestions for a more elegant workaround?

    PS: I've given this report to Logic Pro X Feedback
  3. EdgarRothermich

    EdgarRothermich Senior member

    Logic Pro X doesn't work properly anymore when "outsourcing" its system sound files with Aliases to store them on external drive. You have to use Symlinks now.

  4. paulnajar

    paulnajar Senior member

    Thanks for your reply Edgar. I will check that out.

    It seems strange that Logic does see my Library in External Location via alias and so does the additional content window but if symlinks will fix this issue I'll be happy:)
  5. EdgarRothermich

    EdgarRothermich Senior member

    Aliases are an OSX Finder mechanism, not a UNIX thing. They are similar to the UNIX Symlinks but have one major downside. Symlinks references to a specific path / file name where Aliases is also referencing to a specific ID of that file in that directory. the advantage for Aliases is that the Finder can "find" the Alias based on its ID even if you move the Alias to a different location.

    My guess with the new Logic behavior is that when it update files/folder with any software update, you have a actually a new file with a new ID and any Alias would be broken. With a Symlink, you can swap out a file in a specific directory and the Symlink still works as long as the new file has the same name.

    (Disclaimer: No proof for that, pure speculation, trying to make sense out of it)
  6. paulnajar

    paulnajar Senior member

    Thanks again Edgar.

    What you say sounds correct to me. I simply symlinked the Apple Folder. Doing that broke the loop references in my browser. Then I reindexed the Loops with the symlink in place and the Loop Browser found all the factory content. I'm not sure if this will fix it until the next time I get a session with those previously mentioned dependancies but we shall see...

    Kind regards

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