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Copy tempo track and mix data to new project

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by cabmanguffy, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. cabmanguffy

    cabmanguffy New Member

    If I have a project with multiple songs tucked away neatly in folders and I want to re-order them in a new project , how do I copy and paste the tempo / signature corresponding to each song that I am pasting (over a select number of bars ) and how do I bring the mix data over too ?
  3. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    Why not proceed with the re-ordering from within the original project that you simply re-save under a new name (save as...)?
  4. cabmanguffy

    cabmanguffy New Member

    Multiple project source

    Sorry , didn't explain it properly . The source songs are located in 3 different projects . What I have done is use the media browser to select the project folder audio / midi tracks whilst in my new project and import the relevant tracks using the tick box to ensure all data comes with . I've then had to write the tempo track again - I cannot find a way to import a tempo track . Logic imports all the project files in their original time positions , so I have to locate them and then re order . It's not ideal , I think it is best to have every song exclusive to its project and then selection will be easier . You live and learn ...
  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    It looks like you've painted yourself into a corner somewhat. In order to make the best of your situation as painlessly as possible, why not try this:

    1. Open your source project that contains multiple songs. Let' say one project contains Song A, B, and C.

    2. Do a "Save As" and call it Song A. Delete songs B and C from it.

    3. Go back and open your original source project, do a Save As, and rename it Song B. Delete Song A and C from it.

    4. Go back and open your original source project, do another Save As, and rename it Song C. Delete Song A and B from it.

    Now you end up with a separate project for each song. And your tempo maps are in place with each song, although they don't all start at the beginning of the project. You could just leave them as is and work with them wherever they fall in the timeline. There's nothing wrong with doing this.

    If you did want to re-align them all up so they begin at the beginning of each project, you should be able to move the tempo maps from within the tempo window without too much difficulty. Select all events and then just mouse drag the position of the first event to the location you want, and everything should be intact. You could do the same with time or key signatures if necessary. And you could drag the regions over manually, or via the Event List if you "go up" one level so that you can access all the regions.
  6. cabmanguffy

    cabmanguffy New Member

    merge projects

    Thanks for your advice , thing is once I have all the songs in separate projects , what is the easiest way to bring them lock stock and barrel over into one single new project so as to form the re ordered set list I desire ? As mentioned , I have dragged the files out of the browser window etc . I suppose what I would like have a definitive answer on is this ; Can I merge(join) two projects together ? Simply to glue one to the next for example . That way , in future , if I have every song as a separate project , it would be effortless to create new Set Lists .
  7. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    An approach to do that could be to bounce each project and to organize (append) the resulting audio files in a target (meta) project. When you import each audio files (bounced projects) make sure not to import their tempo map (or adjust the target project tempo to the imported audio file).
    That would most likely require that you have taken note of the tempo map info of each of the bounced project/ audio files in order to add these into the target (meta) project tempo list at the corresponding position for each imported bounced-project/audio-file. Provided that you don't have too many tempo changes in every of the project to import, that should not be too much work.
    Another possible option, could be to import as described above, and SMPTE-lock each of the region containing the bounced-project/audio-file before importing the next one in the meta project, and so on. Useless to say that you should not use Flex time, although it should not affect the SMPTE-locked audio regions.
    Just by curiosity, what is the purpose of that approach to put all your projects into the same one?
  8. cabmanguffy

    cabmanguffy New Member

    Variation on Set list

    Thanks again for the advice , I haven't gone down that route and will give it a go . I currently have 3 projects with Sets 1 ,2 and 3 of the songs that we perform in my function band . We play seamlessly from one song to the next throughout the individual sets so each set (approx. 1 hours worth of music) must be on one project (i don't want to load a new project in the middle of a performance ). However , the client will often want to re order a set , hence the problems I face . I ideally want to copy / paste each song with mix / tempo track data into new projects specific to a gig .
  9. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Why don't you just bounce each song down to a single stereo audio file, and import and organize these into your set list Projects. Forget about tempo maps. Create a marker for each song, and you can easily jump around non sequentially if necessary.

    Logic does not lend itself easily to merging projects together the way it seems that you want to do.
  10. cabmanguffy

    cabmanguffy New Member

    Multi track outputs and click

    It would make my life much easier but the reason we are using logic in live performance ( it was a choice between running a DAW or using a multi track recorder like the Alesis HD24 ) , is because we are sending 9 outputs to the desk ( 4 x stereo pairs ; Piano/organ ; Brass/Synth Lead ; Strings / Pads ; percussion) and a mono bass track which gives the sound tech much more engineering power than simply using a stereo mix . My Motu UltraLite Mk3 Hybrid handles the conversion in one neat little package . We also send a midi click with ' End song ' ' Feature ' ' LAst Cycle " cues to the drummer via his drum machine which gives him control of respective levels during performance. I have realised during this process that if I use separate tracks for each songs midi click and program change data ( i send all the voice / bank changes from logic to my keyboards - I don't have to do any selecting during a performance ) and tuck them away in the song folder , all I need is the correct tempo and I don't need to worry about much else . If I have all my songs in one project I can make arrangements and set locaters to play only the relevant sections .
  11. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    Going longitudinally as explained above with the use of Markers to encompass each song would allow you to keep tempo changes without conflict between songs. You could instantly access the right spot in time (your desired song) with the use of Meta buttons (in the environment) to navigate either in realtime or pre-programmed Meta events (in a list) to be triggered according to your client's choice for the songs playback order.
    It would be way easier, you would not have to juggle with repositioning your songs in the project at every concert, just reprogram the proper Meta events at the right place/moment...
    You could still make use of screensets and folders if you also like, which could also be handled in the same way with Meta events or buttons...
    All that while still maintaining the functionalities you described.
  12. mt100uk

    mt100uk Senior member

    Have you tried bouncing an audio file and using it as a guide? From using Triumph I found logic embeds some tempo markers in its files, maybe it'll sense this if you import the audio file first and rebuilt build the track around it?

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