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Logic Studio apps Copying/Moving plugins in Mainstages mixer?

Discussion in 'MainStage' started by Sascha Franck, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. Sascha Franck

    Sascha Franck Senior member


    Sorry for asking here, but there seems to be no Mainstage subforum (wouldn't that make sense?).

    Anyway, is the above possible, just like in Logics mixer? I couldn't find any option and the manual is of absolutely no help (of course it isn't, along with the Logic manual, it's by far the worst manual I've ever seen...), either.

    Thanks in advance
  3. Sascha Franck

    Sascha Franck Senior member

    Whoops, forget about it, I just found the way.
    Sorry for the fuzz.

    - Sascha

    P.S.: Didn't find it in the manual, though - it's really tough to believe something like that is called a manual...
  4. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    I moved this to the Logic Studio Applications Forum, which FYI is intended for discussions about:

    Just FTR (in case anyone has the same question), moving or copying Plugins in Mainstage's Mixer can be done by using the same KCs as in Logic's Track/Arrange Mixer : Command Drag to Move, Command + Alt Drag to copy. These work both within the same channel strip, or between different channel strips. It is worth noting that these do NOT work in Logic's Audio Environment Layer.


  5. Sascha Franck

    Sascha Franck Senior member

    Ok, all fine with me.

    Still quite annoyed that I couldn't even remotely find out about this function with a search in the Mainstage manual (and I searched just about everything related to copying, moving and what not). A search in a plain PDF document surely would've resulted in a whole number of proper hits (I already crosschecked that with a lot of searches in the downloadable Logic PDF manual and the one that comes with it as standard).

    Anyway, CMD-dragging works fine, CMD-ALT-dragging as well and if you CMD-drag a plugin over an existing one, the two will exchange positions, which is a nice function as well (especially when working with anything dynamic/frequency-related, say, an EQ and an overdrive).

    - Sascha
  6. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    This is actually mentioned on Page 270 of the Logic Pro 9 User Manual. Putting the same search String (move channel strip inserts) into the Mainstage 2 User Manual did not actually throw up any results, nor did it work here in both Logic's and Mainstage's online manuals.

    Yes, thanks for mentioning, this is IMO a very useful feature which I make frequent use of, it is an especially convenient and fast way to decide whether EQ might actually be better before Compression, or vise versa.


  7. Sascha Franck

    Sascha Franck Senior member

    Business as usual. Almost no searches yield proper results anymore ever since the manual format has been changed. I crosschecked various searches (between the new "online" system and the plain PDFs) and it was absolutely horrible to see how someone (Apple), for absolutely no apparent reason, tried to re-invent the wheel but came up with a triangle or something even worse.
    Add to this the "super always on top / floating" nature of the online manuals and they're all good to simply drive you mad. One of *the* worst improvements since L9.
    This is something they should defenitely change back because as is, the manuals are inacceptable by any means.

    - Sascha
  8. Robert Wilson

    Robert Wilson Senior member

    Couldn't agree more.

    One can only assume that whoever came up with that absurdly impractical idea is not a regular user of the software.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    Oh, and maybe even illogical?

  9. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    My mistake, here it is in Logic's online documentation:

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