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Logic X Cost Effective Mac Solution for a New Guy to Run Logic Pro X

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by NYCTony, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. NYCTony

    NYCTony New Member

    Hello everyone. After a Google search, I know this question has been asked in the past - however I couldn't find recent discussion regarding this topic, so I would like to ask for some more up to date info, and info specifically applicable to the old firewire MOTU 828mkii I'm using.

    A little background - I'm a PC guy, I do photo/video work using the adobe suite and so I run my own custom monster machine to take care of running those programs speedily. In the past I've used Ableton Live 8.1.4 for all audio recording tasks, running my mics through a little preamp, and then into an MOTU828mkii via firewire.

    Recently I needed to purchase my first i-device since my old apple IIc -- an iPad Mini 2 - to use with our photo/video drone. In doing so, I discovered Garage Band. I've seen the light, I see why people like all things Apple! Never have I had such an easy, intuitive recording/music making experience. I purchased the little Shure MVI to input a guitar/mic and Garage Band is just so user-friendly. Did I watch tutorials? Maybe 1 or 2, but other than that - it was easy to figure everything out. Not so with Ableton!

    Prior to playing with Garage Band, my guitar had been in its case for the past year or so. It is now out and being used daily! Sounds silly, but the experience using this little app has musically motivated me. It's also led me to ask the question "well, if Garage Band is this good, how great is logic pro x??? It seems logic pro x is unequivocally THE way to go.

    So now I need a way to run it! I'm here to ask your recommendations on the least expensive way (so my wife doesn't kill me) to run logic pro x and be able to plug in my MOTU 828mkii. From my research, it looks like a used mac mini or macbook pro may be the way to go. It would literally be used only to run logic pro x.

    Any suggestions on make/model/year/specs would be greatly appreciated.

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