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Logic 9 Create automated Fader in Logic 9 Environment

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by ContemporaryArt, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. ContemporaryArt

    ContemporaryArt New Member

    Hey there,

    i wondered (and searched the internet for nearly two days) if the following problem is to be solved:

    I'm trying to program an automated fader within the Logic Pro Environment which starts to increase over a defined time span by getting a note on message and decreases the same way around receiving a note off message (like an automated adsr-envelope on the fader value). For now i'm just able to set the fader to a fixed value by pressing a note on the keyboard.

    My aim is to control plug-ins by "playing" on a regular piano-keyboard (for example: you press C-2 which increases the mix of dry/wet in the Goldverb till you release the note which leads to a decreasing mix value).

    Thanks in advance for your replies/help
  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    I'm certainly no environment expert, maybe Tangra or Peter can chime in. But I don't think what you are trying to do can work. Pressing a note on a keyboard sends a single note on message. It is not a continuous stream of messages, like you would need if you want continuous changes to result at the destination.

    Maybe if you press a key down on your MIDI keyboard and press harder or softer to send aftertouch messages (C-press or P-press), _that_ could be used to send multiple values your destination parameter. But when you release the key, the messages would revert to 0; so that probably wouldn't work.

    But I don't think a static message or event like a note on can be converted into a continuos stream of messages. Unless it was used as a kinf of switch that would maybe "turn on" something else that generates a stream of events.

    Anyway, I'm really not sure of the solution, I'm just thinking out loud here.....
  4. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    I'm pretty sure I have made a Complex Environment tool for that - it was for Piano keyswitching control (matching the same criteria like this).
    It was custom made for an user and now I can not find it in my server Environment libraries which have thousands of environment schemes.
    If I have time, I'll try to search it again soon...
  5. ContemporaryArt

    ContemporaryArt New Member

    That would be quite nice! :)
  6. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    The ghost is found :)
    The problem was that I could not remember the tool name to have some search criteria. Anyway I could find it manually after one hour...
    The name of the tool is "Level Key Switcher" which seems to be some starting one (I think I develop it for channel strip level control regarding some Logic user requirements). Later I updated the tool with "Parameter Learn" button so you can learn the tool to any plugin or software instrument parameter (without some extra 14bit ones - ES2 have a few ones, Pedalboard etc). I will show another Demo video these days how to use that tool with the Logic Controller Assignment dialog so you can control all Logic plugins and parameters on the fly without any limitations like track selection, 14bit parameters etc.
    I found 2 versions and 2 old videos which show v1.0 - it does not support "Motor" control. Version 1.1 supports "Motor" control that's why I just exported a short demo non-voiceover video.
    As you see on the image below you have two Key Switch operators "STEP" end "FINE" where you have to set the Note Key numbers you want to use for parameter increment/decrement.
    1. The "STEP" key switches increase/decrease the parameter regarding the step bytes amount set in the green top menu.
    2. The "FINE" key switches increase/decrease the parameter very fine following its native scale.
    Note: If the "Motor" button is OFF you are in manual mode ! I.e you have to press the Key Switches repeatedly to inc/dec the parameter. If the Motor button is ON, Logic must be running/playing, so you have to press the Key Switch and hold it for a while. The Motor mode is time based so it depends how long you press the key. The "Speed" assignment is in musical durations like "x4" -quarter note ; "x8" - eight note etc.
    What you can not see in the demo videos are my computer key operators.
    For example, when I show the Mixer environment window I hold down my computer "Option" key to be able to cable the Channel Strip(s) thru the different Environment layers - in my case to the Click & Ports layer > LKS Tool.

    Logic Parameter Level KS Tool v1.1 (3 QT videos included, 31Mb) - DOWNLOAD

  7. ContemporaryArt

    ContemporaryArt New Member

    Hey Tangra,

    that was exactly what i was locking for! thanks a lot! :)
    The environment works perfectly fine!!!

    But there's one little question left: Is there any possibility to assign more than one parameter to the piano-keyboard (like c-1 + c#-1 for the mix-level and d-1 + d#-1 for the room size in a reverb). Everytime i tried to copy the whole setting to another environment layer the level-keyswitch wouldn't work any more.

    Thanks a lot for your help! :)
  8. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Hi guy,
    Right now I'm on a business trip away of my Logic so I can not try (I can give you some detail inatructions after 2 days at least).
    Meanwhile, you can try to copy the tool (go to the Click & Ports Environment layer) select the tool and Option click and drag it to anywhere. Now make serial cabling from the Physical Input to the sequencer like this:
    Ph IN>Tool A >Tool B >Sequencer Input. Assign different Key SW for both tool instances as well as "Learn" them to different parameters etc.

  9. ContemporaryArt

    ContemporaryArt New Member

    That was an easy one! :D

    Just worked like you said (cabled in a row). Now i think i'm perfectly ready to work! Thanks an awful lot.


  10. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member

    Be welcome !:thmbup:
    My best,

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