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Logic 9 Create take folders bug since 9.1.4

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by www.ShaMANoiD.com, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. www.ShaMANoiD.com

    www.ShaMANoiD.com New Member

    Logic Pro 9.1.4 and beyond all do this same 'bug'. I have to keep rolling back to 9.1.3 to avoid this issue: Any clarification or fixes most welcome!

    I frequently set my project settings to 'create take folders' to record multiple takes in a loop.
    Previously (all versions of logic 7, 8, and up to 9.1.3 ) I could set my locators into loop, and keep playing in midi, again and again until I stop the recording. I would NOT hear the previous take, when trying to play in the next loop/recording. It would automatically mute the last take.
    Now since 9.1.4 onwards I hear the previous take whilst attempting to play in my next take, hearing a doubling of sounds, (previous take + current recording) which is most off putting.

    I have two computers, an imac on 10.6.8 and a macbook pro on 10.6.8
    I have tried opening in 16-bit and 32-bit on both computers. Both do exactly the same thing from 9.1.4 onwards...ie playing the previous take whilst simultaneously trying to record another.

    When I roll back to 9.1.3 problem fixed!
    I've googled everywhere for info on this but nothing. Anyone can help?
    ps does not happen when trying to record audio, just midi/instrument tracks

  3. www.ShaMANoiD.com

    www.ShaMANoiD.com New Member

    forgot to say....when i start a new session I dont have this problem then after 10 to 60 (variable) minutes it starts to happen.

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