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Logic 9 Creating a drum pattern for use as a loop

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by hbonly, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. hbonly

    hbonly New Member

    Hello. My question is;

    What's the easiest way to create a 4 or 8 bar drum pattern that I can loop?
    I want to create a very simple kick, snare ,kick, snare, with closed hi-hat using a 4/4 beat. Do I need to create one, or is there one I can grab from the loops or library? I have a Korg M-50. I am using Logic 9, and M-50 is connected using USB. I want to be able to loop it, but every time I create one the (using software instr track) the region and/or the notes are in the wrong place so I can't loop it without editing.
  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    Are you recording (by playing the keyboard) or writing the notes in with an editor, e.g. piano roll or score? I presume paying it as you say the region is in the wrong place.

    The region's length and position would normally be defined before recording by setting the cycle region.

    If you are playing it in, you would want to set an appropriate quantisation value either as a default or apply to the region after recording. Or play more accurately.

    My method would be to set a cycle region and default Q, then record the kick and snare in one pass, then hihat in the the second pass. Either by keeping the cycle going or stopping for a coffee and starting again for the hihat.

    If you are using an editor, you probably just need to do a bit more reading up in the manual about the specific editor.

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