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Logic X creating a new audio files folder for a project

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by neufeldjon9, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. neufeldjon9

    neufeldjon9 New Member

    Hey there,
    I have what seems like a reoccurring problem. Frequently in Logic 10 I find that i save a project and I have a folder created but no 'audio files' folder is created within the project folder. I see the audio files in the bin on the arrange page. So they are all there but I'm curious if there is a streamlined way to save these audio files to a folder within the project(after the fact that it wasn't created in the first place) and get my sessions all with a proper audio files folder for them, and what i could be doing wrong that makes this happen? By the way i checked the project settings and made sure i had save audio files etc.. in the assests window.. Thanks- Jon Neufeld
  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    It is a bit different these days.

    When saving for the first time you should have the option to organise as a Folder (same way it used to be) or as a Project.

    If you choose folder, then there is still a "project" which is the basic Logic file (used to be called a "song") and then within the folder will be a the Audio Files folder where the audio goes (plus some other folders which you can choose to save exs instruments etc with the project) In this case the bin looks like it alway has, with the path to the Audio Files folder.

    If you choose project, then it saves everything into one project file (like iMovie has done for years).

    However this is really a folder that looks more like a file (I think it's called a "package") in that you can click on it and it opens the project. But if you CTRL click you get to see it as a folder if you choose Show Package Contents. In this case the bin will just show the audio files path as the project, not the folder within.

    Hope that makes sense, it's easier to just try a test wit both types than to explain

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