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Creating a new MIDI control surface mapping driver for Logic Pro X

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by dbmdbu, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. dbmdbu

    dbmdbu New Member

    We need to develop a new "control surface mapping driver" for Logic Pro X, to match the "simple" functional requirements of our Tangerine Automation Interface (

    I'm trying to find the info on how to create the "mapping driver" that will translate our interface "hardware/midi mapping" to Logic Pro X internal controllers access. (volume, mutes, automation modes etc...)

    Ou interface is already recognized as 5 ports Plug&Play USB midi device. It can be used with the HUI mapping in Logic Pro x but we want to get better control behavior, with our own mapping

    Any pointer on where to look in the apple developer section would be appreciated

  3. Philterino

    Philterino New Member


    Any joy with this? been trying to get the Logic and cubase remote SDKs both seem to be some mystical force you aren't supposed to know about.

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