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Creating Harmony with Audio Track and Flex Pitch

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by JMac52, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. JMac52

    JMac52 New Member


    I'm wondering if this is the best, easiest, or only way to do this -

    I recorded two guitar tracks simultaneously (happened to be one amp mic and one DI, but I suppose it could have been two DI).

    I then wanted to pitch-shift one of them to create a harmony part when playing back both tracks.

    The only way I figured out how to do this was to of course enable flex pitch in the Audio Track Editor, then use the marquee tool to rope in all of the notes in the track to have them selected (highlighted), then drag them to the create the interval I wanted (it took me a while to recognize the difference in behavior of the little grabber thingy, between fine and course pitch).

    It works, and it sounds good, but it wasn't easy. And I can see how it could get unwieldy for a long melodic passage (my test track was just the intro to "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed"), or if you wanted a large interval, say an octave plus a third.

    I was looking for a Select All Notes choice in the editor, and Move by X Semitones kind of pop up or dialog. Are they there and I missed it? Or is there a better, easier way to do this? If not, maybe a feature request...

    I get that Flex Pitch was designed to make minor corrections to pitch and perhaps not a wholesale pitch shift like this for audio tracks. I'm very new at this and Logic Pro X is my first and only DAW, so I have nothing to compare it to and no reason to complain about something missing that is in some other app. I think Logic Pro X is awesome (if a bit overwhelming) and Flex Pitch is very cool.

    Oh, and I learned something else along the way - if you want to add effects to the guitar that you pitch-shift, do it afterwards. Got some weird sounds out of the shifted track when I had a little echo and phaser on it.

    Thanks for reading, any tips will be appreciated.


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