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creating separate cue mixes in Logic/Studio

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by orcasound, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. orcasound

    orcasound Member

    Not sure if anyone has dealt with this - I am upgrading my studio to accommodate 6 separate phone mixes to to the talent - I;m running Logic 9 , with MOTU 2408mkIII, 24i/o and 308 - with 2 rosetta 800's, Everything monitored /controlled through a Danger Monitor Control. - which handles my current talkback duties nicely. - In addition monitoring through the MOTU/ I am able to reamin latency free for tracking.
    I am going budget with these additional phone mixes - looking at maybe a presonus HP60. I plan on feeding the cue out of the dangerous to the main input of the HP60 (or brand x headphone amp), and THis will carry my current cue mix to all 6 channels of the headphone amp. Next I plan on setting up 6 AUX sends/mixes in Logic so that I can create the "more me" flexibility that I need.
    My question involves 2 things - 1. if I'm already sending out the cue mix from the Dangerous - wont there by something strange going if am sending the same signals out the auxes into the headphone mixer as well? - meaning - my main cue mix out of the dangerous contains basically exactly what I am hearing in Logic plus the addition of the talkback (which is located on the dangerous front panel. - so lets say that the bass is already coming through that channel - then the bass player needs more - so I add that to this headphone mix/aux that I set up in Logic - won't the fact that the signal is doubled -create an issue.? My second question - Will I now have a latency issue by sending these mixes to the live room via Logic AUX's
    I think my brain is hurting trying to rap my brain around the routing here.


    orca sound
    abingdon, md usa

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