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Logic X Default Scripter scripts not installed?

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Hendrik Jan Veenstra, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Hi all,
    After much hesitation I decided to try to bite the bullet and get acquainted with the Scripter. I discovered however that for some reason no example scripts were installed (Google taught me there should be a simple Arpeggiator, a Guitar Strummer and some others). And yes, I did look in Library:AppSupport:Logic:plugInSettings:Scripter and it's indeed empty.

    Would anyone be able to offer an explanation? And, more importantly, how do I go about getting these example scripts? Are they available online somewhere? Google didn't help here... :).

    thx in advance for any replies,
    Hendrik Jan
  3. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Did you look in the Mac HD/Library, or the user Library?
    User content is now in the Music folder/Audio Music Apps folder.
    In older versions of Logic Pro X, user content was in the user Library where the Scripter folder would be empty.

    If the scripts are not in the main Library, try downloading Logic again from your App store account. You'll need to remove the current version off your system, otherwise the App store will see it and not download.
  4. CSeye, thx for replying. Yes, I did look in the Mac HD/Lib and not User/Lib, and no, the scripts are not there. It's weird as everything else seems to be in place... Regarding removing the current version: do you reckon just deleting the app will suffice, or should I ditch everything Logic-related, including plugin-settings, additional content, etc? I would not look forward to deleting the 40+ GB of additional content and re-downloading it... Heck, I wouldn't even know where all the Logic stuff is located :).
  5. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    I just trashed Logic and downloaded from the App store.
    After the download, Logic is connected to all of the content. No need to reindex Loops.

    You'll have to move the app to the trash, but don't have to actually empty the trash. Renaming it to say, Logic Pro Y, or dragging to the desktop is not enough. The App store will see it.
  6. Okay, thanks, I'll give that a try (probably not today though -- busy schedule ahead). I'll let you know if it worked. Seems there's more fishy about my LPX install. The Retro Synth for example has no presets either, which, I presume, also shouldn't be the case.
  7. Finally got around to trying this, but no luck. Put Logic in the trash, re-downloaded thru the App Store, no problem, but when launching Logic nothing has changed: Scripter has no presets, RetroSynth has no presets... Same in the Library: clicking the triangle left of the Channel Strip slot shows an empty Library pane, both with Scripter and with RS...

    The problem is that stuff seems to be missing but I have no idea *which* stuff exactly... and that bothers me. One plug without presets is something I can deal with, but having a fishy install of a complex app like Logic makes me nervous. Any other ideas? Other takers?
  8. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Henrik Jan
    That seems to be quite a disturbing experience you are having. Does the Sound Library Manager give you any information as to missing content? I don't think that it would react to missing scripts, but honestly don't know. Attached is the zipped folder from my Mac containing the scripts you mentioned in your first post, they should at least get you started.

    BTW which Logic and OS X versions are you on?

    kind regards


    Attached Files:

  9. Hey Mark,

    Being an angel, as usual... The more things change, the more they stay the same :) Thx for the heads up & the zip. And no, all content is installed, as far as Logic is concerned -- no sign of anything missing in the Sound Lib Manager. I did however manage to SOLVE the problem in the meantime. Yay. Been surfing the web for hours these past weeks, looking for others with the same problem and/or a solution, before accidentally running into the solution this afternoon, minutes after my previous post. I'll post the solution in a follow up post, just to save it for generations to come, or others running into the same kind of problem.

    cheers, HJ
  10. Incomplete installation of Logic Pro X 10.2.2: missing content, missing presets, or other things missing

    A functioning Logic Pro X install seems to be missing content (in my case mainly Plugin Settings). All additional content has been installed and the Sound Library Manager shows no uninstalled or otherwise missing content. Deleting the Logic application file and re-downloading from the App Store does not help.

    In this thread: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5188851 user Sonic Nomad posts a Github-link to a utility he made, lpx_links. The direct link to the github page is https://github.com/DavidTeren/lpx_links. You don't have to actually download the utility (ZIP file at top of page). Instead open the Terminal application on your Mac, and paste this command (found under 'Usage' on the above github page) followed by a <Return>:

    cd ~/Downloads; mkdir -p lpx_links/app ; cd lpx_links/app ; curl -#L https://github.com/davidteren/lpx_links/tarball/master | tar -xzv --strip-components 1 ; ./lpx_links.rb​

    (should be all on one line)

    What this does is
    - create a folder lpx_links in your Downloads folder
    - create a list of links to all Packages (*.pkg) needed for a complete Logic install
    - put this list in a text file lpx_links:download_links:links.txt

    The text file contains 582 (!) links such as

    What I did was: visually scan the file, and find these packages:

    I pasted these lines one by one in the address-bar of my browser, hit return. In the Downloads folder I now had the above 3 PlugInSettings packages. Double click each of them to start the installer, pick the right drive, enter password, etc. Now when launching Logic I *did* have the missing Scripter presets ánd the Retro Synth presets (and probably a bunch of others I'd not yet missed).

    1. This list of package-links might be helpful for anyone wanting to maintain a backup of all Logic installers / additional content packages. That's why Sonic Nomad initially wrote the utility, if I'm not mistaken. Using a download manager you could easily download all 582 packages and put them on a backup drive. Or: this method could be used to download all installers once, after which you can install Logic on multiple machines without the need to go through the 40 GB download for every one of them. People on slow or expensive internet connections may appreciate this shortcut.
    2. Since I'm not sure what else went wrong with my install, do I now have to go through the process of downloading all packages and installing them all, manually, one by one? A somewhat rhetorical question, don't worry. But still... there's this nagging feeling...
    I'm off to explore the Scripter and Retro Synth :). Thanks for those who tried to help.

    cheers, HJ
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2016
  11. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for posting this HJ, glad you found a solution!

    kind regards

  12. No prob, hope someone someday finds it helpful.
  13. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Thank you for sharing this. I entered the code in terminal and it functioned as expected. Copying a line of text from the list into the browser did in fact download that particular installer packgage.

  14. I know :).

    Yes, that's what I did as well. Maybe I wasn't completely clear in my description... I'll edit the original post. Glad you found this useful.

    cheers, HJ

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