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Logic 7 & earlier Defunct XSKey

Discussion in 'Logic 7 and older Versions' started by dougjammer, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. dougjammer

    dougjammer New Member

    My XSKey for the legacy PC platform has died after years of service. If anyone has one I could buy, please let me know. I posted on the 'gear for sale' section, but thought this area might reach more people. Thanks.
    Doug Jamieson
    (mail@dougjam.ca is the best way to reach me.)
  3. pfloyd714714

    pfloyd714714 Senior member

    Are these keys still needed? I have one going back to Logic 6 and I recall having to use it to upgrade to 7 and maybe 8. I don't, however, think I had to plug it in to upgrade to 9. These days the Mac is the dongle, isn't it?

  4. dougjammer

    dougjammer New Member

    Hi Jim - I continued to use the PC version because I used Windows for business use and because I have a lot of other Windows programs installed. For the legacy PC version, which was no longer supported as of 2005, you still need the XSKey. I am hoping to reach someone who switched to the Mac from the PC a while back and still has an old XSKey in their closet.

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