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Logic 7 & earlier Desperately seeking schmoozin

Discussion in 'Logic 7 and older Versions' started by gridsleep, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. gridsleep

    gridsleep New Member

    Sorry, couldn't resist a corny title. Hi, new member here. Just getting into very intense music creation and editing. In all my travels, the closest I have been able to come to Logic and SoundDiver for the PC are a copy of Logic VS 4.0 for use with Roland VS controller/recorders, and SoundDiver Virus which came free with the earlier versions of the Access Virus. Both of which I won on eBay. Well, the first one I won, actually, for use with a VS-1680 also won, and the second was sent to me by a gentleman at Access after I asked about it, having just won an Access Virus C. The original owner of the Virus C said he had disposed of the disk because his Virus C was OS 2.5 and the SoundDiver was for OS9. I know. I didn't have the heart to tell him.

    Anyway, I'm probably stepping on a few toes with this, but I am trying to find, possibly the last existing copies, of Logic for the PC (full version) and SoundDiver for the PC (full version.) I actually have in my possession an unopened copy of SoundDiver 3, in the shrink wrap, but it's for Mac PPC. If no one can or is willing to help, fine, I understand. Sometimes you can't bite the hand that feeds you. But if anyone who migrated to Mac from PC actually has said articles, might they be willing to part with them?

    Because I am not going to be migrating. And I don't like Apple for erasing sometime in the last couple of days. It's as if they suddenly realized they had forgotten to wipe the last vestiges of eMagic from the face of the Earth. I have the greatest respect for Apple except when they act like a corporation.

    I'm a little late to the eMagic game. But their software was and still is phenomenal. If I can get the latest versions for PC, especially the SoundDiver, both I and all my old classic synthesizers would be ever so grateful. If not, well, no harm done. I thought I would just ask. Thanks very much for reading this drivel.

    I suppose, if worse comes to worse, I could get a Mac and use that for the music and leave my PC for the writing and web browsing and games. Or maybe use both of them. But, I'd rather not invest in a new computer if I don't have to.
  3. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    I've moved this from the moan zone (yes there's a little bit of moaning), but I think you'll get the best help here in the legacy section.
  4. gridsleep

    gridsleep New Member

    Thanks, very much. I didn't notice a legacy section, and all the other categories were so Logic and Mac oriented I felt my request would be out of place there.
  5. Jauqq

    Jauqq New Member

    You want to sell that SD 3 for PPC Mac that you have?
  6. gridsleep

    gridsleep New Member

    Thanks for asking, but no. I did find a source for a working full copy of emagic SoundDiver 3.0.5 for the PC. [PM] The sealed copy will stay with me for a while. I just like to look at it and remember that corporations can't always win.

    Maybe I'll make a copy available somewhere. There are too many floating around that are infected and not worth retrieving. I really would hate to open it, though, or part with it thinking that someone else might. It's safe with me.

    Here's a picture of it, though, just to keep your spirits up. Just think, you're looking at something you may never see again, like a PPG Wave or a Fairlight CMI.

    If you think about it, though, it really is old software. Even the PC version I have running shows itself to be a bit long in the tooth. It's just clever coding, after all. Anyone with a bit of skill and determination could write a better program, and with today's code technology, it would be a helluva better program. And maybe, it will be written by someone who won't sell out to a corporation. Maybe it'll even be Gnu Public License, so no one can lock it away ever again. Hey, you daring coders, you listening out there? The world needs a new SoundDiver. Who's up for the challenge?

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  7. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Forgive me if I am taking you up wrong on this, but before this progresses, permit me to remind you of the LUG rules:

    In particular, Rule 8.

    Ever heard of midiquest?


  8. gridsleep

    gridsleep New Member

    Cool, let's use that.
  9. Jauqq

    Jauqq New Member

    Midiquest is a bug ridden piece of rubbish. Tried the demo and it cant even do basic things like see the waveforms on a Rom card expansion board. SD could easily do such things. Lots of other people having problems with MQ, and it's rarely updated.

    I highly doubt there'll ever again be anything on a par or better than SD. There's no market for such a product compared to years ago when you had to use hardware synths. Since software synths have come out, many are just ITB.

    Gridsleep can i also point out another rule that's not mentioned......?

    No winding up of people by showing them pictures of boxes of software which they'd love to put to good use but which are sitting idle at the moment !! ;) :D

    Cool pic !! :)
  10. Jauqq

    Jauqq New Member

    You sure your copy of SD isn't a dual install disk? All Emagic Logic disks had both windows and OS 9 versions on them, and the original copy of SD 3 i used to own but stupidly sold around 2 years ago was also a dual install disk.

    Seems strange that your copy is Mac OS 9 only.

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