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Logic 9 Detecting tempo, a real challenge..

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Falk, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Falk

    Falk Member


    I have a challenge regarding detecting tempo.

    I'm making music for a film.

    The director has plotted in the tempo using a keyboard (following the movement in the picture), so I have an instrument track with the EVP88 playing the first beat in each bar, a free 3/4 tempo, not at all in sync with Logics tempo although Logic is in 3/4.

    As you probably understand by now, I'd like Logic to detect this beat and tempo changes.
    I've tried "Adjust tempo using Beat detection, but Logic doesn't get it… :)

    Any advice how to accomplish this?

  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Try recording in a region of quarter notes following the downbeats that are already there. Then in the Global tracks, under the Beat detection lane, use the detect beats from regions function to get Logic to create a tempo map following the quarter notes you tapped in.

    This is obviously a brief description of how to do it. If you want more detail, check out beat mapping in the Logic manual.
  4. Falk

    Falk Member

    Yes, that was the way to go.
    I found that I got a better result if I put in the quarternotes by hand (pencil tool) than actually playing it before Beat mapping. The tempi was just not easy to play after.. :)
    Anyhow, the result came out nice and much more fluid than I thought.!

    Thanks a lot!

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