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Logic 9 Distorted and doubled sound when recording audio

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by RonC72, Dec 13, 2015.

  1. RonC72

    RonC72 New Member

    hi all,
    When i try to record an audio track my sound is doubled (like a delay) and distorted. I've never had this problem before...
    Anyone any idea what this could be?
  3. RonC72

    RonC72 New Member

    I recently upgraded to el capitan, coud that have anything to do with this?
  4. RonC72

    RonC72 New Member

    I think i figured it out...
    My Focusrite saffire 6 USB isn't compatible with El Capitan..
    I checked my serial number and i seem to have the usb 1.1 version...
    The 2.0 version is compatible.

    Yesterday I revert my iMac back to Mavericks. I'm gonna test it this evening.

  5. RonC72

    RonC72 New Member

    It's working again!

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