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DIY fiN album recorded with Logic 9

Discussion in 'LUG Media Station' started by Kerry_fin, Oct 2, 2011.


What do you think of the track / video?

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  1. Kerry_fin

    Kerry_fin New Member

    Hi all, I'm new here but thought I'd ask for some feedback on my band fiN's track "the artisan".. It's totally self recorded and produced a whole album which meant we all had to learn to use logic 9..

    We've put a lot of hard work into this over the past year so I'd love to start getting some reaction.. Don't hold back people! :)



  3. Fanboy

    Fanboy New Member

    Wow! Just watched the artisan and the other on you've got up. Great songs and nicely produced. The videos are basic but cool.

    I'm a bedroom producer, myself so I can tell a lot of hard work went into this. Well done! :)

    Have you got a web site? I've searched and can't find one! :(
  4. Kerry_fin

    Kerry_fin New Member

    Hey fanboy!! Thanks for the interest.. Yea, it's a bit of a weird one..
    The web site is http://www.lifeiswastedontheliving.com
    We have a song called "life is wasted on the living" so we named the site after it..

    Thanks so much for your kind words. It's nice to hear as we really DID put a lot of hard work into it. Mary Anne Hobbs of UK indie radio station XFM made "the artisan" her single of the week last week so it's getting a bit of attention which is good. I just hope our hard work pays off! :)

    The single is being released in our own record label artisan records on 17th October. You can only get it on vinyl from one of our shows or at our web site. We're off on tour in Europe supporting the kooks and the uk supporting the pigeon detectives and MONA in a few weeks so hopefully we'll see you at a show soon! :)
  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Hey Kerry,

    Very well done! Really nice production, and an interesting song and arrangement. The video is easy to watch too. Love the way you have the voices blended with the heavy lead guitar. The whole thing builds in intensity very nicely. Some of the lead guitar towards the end reminds me of the Beatles; I'm not quite sure why though :) Great work!

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