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Logic 9 Do these still Apply?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by David51, Apr 2, 2013.

  1. David51

    David51 Senior member

    Hi all, I just re-read the rules and FAQ's and have 3 questions:
    1.<Does 6.21 [ how to record Audio ] still apply in Logic pro 9.1.8? Is it still necessary to do all that in the environment if automatic management of tracks and strips is on?

    2.<7.2 LAMP, OS X,AudioWerk. I don't even know what Audio werk is but if I have an app [software not hardware] with an audio digital output can I use the old method [ add app[ will Audio set up see app?] with digital Audio output into the Audio/MIDI set-up ] but substitute the Audiowerk digital output channel to a audio input in Logic pro 9.1.8?

    3.<9.3 Benefits of putting automation on a separate track (tip)Does this still apply in Pro 9? In the FAQ it says this actually became obsolete after TBA was introduced but says OBA can stlll be used, I'm an amateur but this does sound very complicated compared to the TBA, and Hyper Draw.

    My sincerest apologies if this is offensive to the moderators,apparently I am not capable of anything else, thank you and Good Luck.
  3. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    I'm not sure what you're referencing?
    Recording in Logic 8 and 9 does not require you to enter the Environment.
  4. David51

    David51 Senior member

    Thanks for the reply. I was referring to the FAQs, located in the menu bar above left side after 'user CP' before 'members list', which are older than pro 9.1.8. So you have confirmed that 6.21 no longer applies in Logic 8 or 9,thanks for clarifying that. Do you know if Logic third party plug-ins will be retained and restored after installing 10.8.3? Wait, I will search the forum for that one first.
  5. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    David, are you referring to the L8 and L9 FAQs, which are also found here:

    The reason I ask is, I don't follow any of this:

    Can you be more specific? What exactly are you referring to?

    What are "Logic 3rd party plug-ins? Do you mean Logic's internal Plugins and effects, or 3rd party Audio Units, such as Waves, Sonnox, NI etc? What do you mean by "restored"?

    Updating your OS to 10.8.3 should not have any effect on 3rd party AUs which are already running 10.8.x. There are however some AUs, such as the Abbey Road Brilliance Pack, which don't work in Logic in 10.7 or 10.8, so if you had those and were preparing to go from 10.6.x to 10.7 or 10.8, then you would have a problem.

    Logic's own internal effects and instruments should work anyway after updating your OS.

    kind regards

  6. David51

    David51 Senior member

    Thanks Mark,I had not found those FAQ's for 8 and 9 but will take a look. You ask what specifically am I referring to with my 1. 2. 3. old Faq's as I explained in reply to CSeye. I would not refer to the Logic built in plug-ins or FX as third party so yes I meant things like WIVI AU's. Restore files from Time machine is a hot topic on the Apple 10.8 forum,Time machine backups seem not always to work after installing 10.8.3,but you say it will be no problem, was I wrong to assume 10.8.3 would not erase and install? Requiring the restoring of all files would be needed after that. To clarify does installing the 10.8.3 erase the HD? Sorry for my sluggish behavior.

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