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does the size of the core processor improve logic performance

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by sojourner, Jan 18, 2016.

  1. sojourner

    sojourner Member

    Does increasing the size of the dual-core Inel Core processor and turbo boost help the performance of logic.

    I am currently using a mac book with
    1.1GHz, 1.2GHz, or 1.3GHz dual‑core Intel Core M processor
    Turbo Boost up to 2.9GHz

    Will logic work better (less latency and faster processing and saving with bigger Macs.

    2.5GHz dual‑core Intel Core i5 or 2.9GHz dual‑core Intel Core i7 processor
    Turbo Boost up to 3.6GHz
    Up to 7 hours battery life1
    Up to 1TB 5400‑rpm hard drive; or up to 512GB solid‑state drive2

    2.7GHz or 2.9GHz dual‑core Intel Core i5 or 3.1GHz dual‑core Intel Core i7 processor
    Turbo Boost up to 3.4GHz

    2.2GHz, 2.5GHz, or 2.8GHz quad‑core Intel Core i7 processor
    Turbo Boost up to 4.0GHz
  3. loopkitchen

    loopkitchen New Member

    I believe it will work much better with those processors and configurations.

    The question is: do you _need_ (well, we all do all the time, but even though...) it to be better or can you still work?

    I would love to upgrade my MacPro 2008 but it's just still too powerful and doesn't slow me down, so I don't, because every year I'm getting more bang for my buck, once I really need to upgrade.

    Best, Hans!
  4. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Go for the quad-core i7 processor.
    Not sure about turbo boost.

    The prevailing wisdom is that clock speed (GHz) is more important than the number of cores. But much depends on the type and size of your projects: Heavy use of software instrument and cpu intensive processing plug-ins vs. mostly audio tracks with plug-ins.
  5. sojourner

    sojourner Member

    Thanks. Yes I can still work. I have large files. I save my work onto an external hard drive because I was told that leaves the computer available for better/faster processing. But sometimes I still get latency and sometimes I get the message that the computer can’t play everything. I am seriously thinking of upgrading -- so will go with the quad-care i7.

  6. angelonyc

    angelonyc New Member

    The amount of memory you have is significant too.. Otherwise, Logic has to write stuff it could keep in memory to hard drive and read back... This is a big slowdown.. That might be a step to try first, you'd need the memory anyways, might not need the faster cpu (although faster is usually better)... Also depend on how your using Logic. There are some plug-ins. 'U-HE and Synthmaster, which are total CPU hogs.. (used to bring my 2008 3gig, 8 core to a halt.. sometimes..

    A larger buffer that you set on Logic, will mean the ability to play more tracks.. Shorter latency good, for monitoring with overdubbing.. If you have a hardware input monitoring on you in/out box, use that, cause that is the signal going before going into Logic, That is the fastest.. then you don't need software monitoring, which depends on processor speed and buffer size.. A large buffer size makes it hard/impossible to sing/overdub and keep in time.. You need to keep that short when overdubbing..

    I got heavy use out of 2008 mac pro.. I bought the faster CPU at the time...and I believe it was worth it.. The 2008 mac I used for 7 years, till it blew up.. Apple will not repair 2008 mac pros, cause they don't carry parts, anymore.. And some of the newest hard drives (HGST 6TB Helium drives) had problems (for some users) with a 2008 Mac Pro.. HGST advised against me buying them, unless I put them in an internal drive.. When I got to the point of overtaxing my 2008 mac pro.. I would bounce down all tracks to stereo, Start a new project, with same BPM.. I could then overdub more.. Then I would drag those newly recorded tracks back to original multi track project.. Some work, but it allowed you to those last few tracks, if Logic was started to lock up or stutter..

    I ended up getting a 2015 mac pro (called late 2013 model), with 6 cores and 64 gig memory.. Threw 120 tracks at it, didn't break a sweat.. It was very hard to find the right configuration.. Everyone gave me radically different configurations, from a mac mini to getting a 12 core Mac Pro.. But 4 people emailed me with the above configuration,.. I'm satisfied with that too..

    It's hard to determine the configuration you'll need cause Logic users vary in the the way they use Logic.. I'd put out what you intend to do, (25 audio tracks, 12 virtual plug-ins, lot of audio plug-ins etc).. And see if others who are using roughly the same, give you their impressions.

    Good luck
  7. sojourner

    sojourner Member

  8. sojourner

    sojourner Member

    I ended up getting the big IMAC and things have been going great. Thanks

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