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DoesOSX 10.10 wrk w Logic 9 yet? 2/6/15

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by shockadd, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. shockadd

    shockadd New Member

    Ive been using Logic 9 quite solidly on 10.8.5 for quite awhile now and have recently purchased Logic X. With the latest Logic X release no longer working in 10.8.5 I am considering taking the plunge and updating my laptop (for non mission-critical use) to OSX 10.10.

    So at this date, is Yosemite still a hot mess for audio work??

    Thanks and hope to hear from someone!

  3. bambony

    bambony Administrator Staff Member

    I have been reliably told it does but cannot confirm this.


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