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Logic 8 Download Logic 8 from Apple?

Discussion in 'Logic 8' started by Montopolis, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. Montopolis

    Montopolis New Member

    I just had my Macbook Pro wiped and Snow Leopard reinstalled. I'd like to install a fresh version of Logic 8. I have the serial number, but no hard copy of 8. Does Apple have a legacy software website that I don't know about where you can download previous versions of software you already paid for? The only page I found had a download for the upgrade to Logic 8, not the original Logic 8. I have the disc for Logic 7, I just forget if Logic 8 was an upgrade or a whole new version of the software. Thanks for your help.
  3. mmm42

    mmm42 Senior member

    Logic 8 only shipped on DVDs, there never was a download version available.

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