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Drummer questions

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by RottingApples, Jul 22, 2013.

  1. RottingApples

    RottingApples New Member

    I too have a question (or 3) relating to the Drummer feature as I am looking to purchase Logic X: If I have pre-existing drum patterns made through the midi piano roll in Logic 9, will those still exist as such in Logic X, or will they be replaced by whatever Drummer's idea is for a beat?

    Also, is it possible to translate my own programmed beat from these old projects into a Drummer beat if I wanted them to be - keeping what I've got, beat-wise, but just improving the tonal qualities of the drum set? (I hope so- it'd save a lot of time manually adjusting the velocity on every single drum hit.)

    Does Drummer allow the freedom to go in and alter the occasional part of a beat that it comes up with? (For example: I like what it comes up with for a beat, but have a very particular fill in mind that it doesn't instinctively perform, can I alter just that one part in some sort of piano roll function?)

    Many thanks for any and all help.

  3. Orren Merton

    Orren Merton Logic Samurai / Administrator Staff Member

    One thing to keep in mind is that Logic Pro X comes with two new drum-related features:
    * Drum Kit Designer: This is an instrument plug-in like EXS, Vintage Piano, or 3rd party drum instruments like BFD2. You can assign Drum Kit Designer to a track, and select either a Preset with a drum kit and various ambiances, or you can create your own drum kit and ambiances and save that as your own custom kit.

    * The Drummer Track: this is a special, unique type of track, just like Audio Tracks and Software Instrument tracks are unique tracks. The Drummer track is so named because in addition to using the Drum Kit Designer instrument, it includes a "virtual drummer" who "plays" the drums using internal parameters to modify specially created "Drummer" regions placed in the track.

    In the case of a pre-made pattern, you're best off not using a Drummer track, but simply instantiating the Drum Kit Designer instrument plug-in on your pre-existing track. That way you can have the advantage of drum instrument playing your own MIDI.

    Again, you might just want to use the Drum Kit Designer instrument on the track you've already designed. And for velocity, one of Logic Pro X's other new features—one of my personal favorites—is MIDI Plug-ins, one of which is a Velocity plug-in, that may give you exactly the sort of "bulk fine tuning" capability you're looking for.

    Yes, if you're using an actual Drummer track, you can go into the regions it creates and modify/edit individual notes.

  4. RottingApples

    RottingApples New Member

    Fantastic! Sounds great, and thank you so much. I'm sure I'll run into more questions once I get it, but this does have me sold on buying X.

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