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Drummer track lagging behind other tracks

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by foxymoron, Dec 22, 2014.

  1. foxymoron

    foxymoron New Member

    This is totally weird. I went to a friend's house and worked up a new song with him his Macbook Pro. We both have Logic X (our own copies.) Anyway, I saved the project to a thumb drive, put it on my MacBook Pro and when I play it back, the Drummer track is behind the other parts. There is a midi bass part and an audio tracked acoustic guitar, and that is what is so strange to me. The midi part is playing back differently in the drummer than in the bass part. I quantized them both again, I tried copying the midi data of each to new tracks to see if I could get them to sync, but the bass always starts out a ways before the drummer track. I am baffled. Any ideas? By the way, it's fine on my friend's Mac. Could it have been the way it was copied? Any ideas are welcome. Thanks.

  3. foxymoron

    foxymoron New Member

    Well, I pulled the drummer track back to -1/64 on the delay and it syncs up pretty close. But WHY is it out of sync in the first place with both a midi track and an audio track?



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