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Logic 9 Duplicate function in Logic Pro?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by gigazaga, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. gigazaga

    gigazaga New Member

    I am getting back up to speed after being away from Logic for a couple of years. In the mean time I was working more in Pro Tool and Cubase. One of the most common editing commands is duplicate. Select a region and press "D" and the region is duplicated with a copy flush to the right edge of the old region. The same thing is Cmd-D in PT.

    In Logic I can't find something like that. Cmd-C followed by Cmd-V is close but the copies wind up all over the place, not right next to where you are working. Repeat is close, but it calls up a dialog box so you need to do Cmd-R, enter 1, return.

    Is there a single key duplicate command in Logic 9 that I can't find.
  3. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    Have you tried alt -click-hold and dragging the region you want to copy? That would be the standard method in Logic.

    kind regards

  4. Ming

    Ming Member

    Cmd-R or Option-drag the region

    I guess Cmd-R is duplicate. (Ok you need 2 keystrokes instead of one.)
    1 copy is the default so u don't have to write that, just confirm.
    You can assign any key-command you like.
    Or just option-drag the region, that's what a prefer, very handy.
  5. Ginger

    Ginger Member

    have you checked out the key command called "Repeat Regions/Events..."?
    AFAIR the default setting is one copy only, and "Auto" (adjustment). On my Mac it's set to Alt+R, but the factory default could be different.

    You could also use the Loop Tool and "paint" a duplicate on the right side of your region, but that would give in a slightly different result.
  6. gigazaga

    gigazaga New Member

    Thanks for the quick replies. All of these are good ideas. I think "Repeat Regions/Events..." is probably my best bet. The reason I like this approach is that I want to minimize drag operations. That is why I don't prefer the option drag or loop drag approaches.

    I have developed problems with my wrist from using the mouse too much. Now I use the MacBook track pad and even though I can avoid dragging completely, I prefer to find ways to cut that down. The less drag operations, the longer I can keep editing and recording before I have to stop.

    What I did today was program a key macro on the Euphonix MC Transport to do this:
    Cmd-R (to open Repeat Regions dialog)
    1 (to set the number of repeats to 1)
    Return ( to Ok and close the dialog)

    This effectively simulates the Duplicate function. The only downside is that the dialog box flickers up on the screen each time.

    Thanks for the quick replies!
  7. garethJones

    garethJones Member

    Just hit L to loop the region
  8. gigazaga

    gigazaga New Member

    That's pretty frickn sweet!


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