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Logic Studio apps DX7s Midi No Output (Environment?)

Discussion in 'MainStage' started by xrc, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. xrc

    xrc Member

    I've been using my Yamaha DX7s (great condition) basically as a controller for Logic 9 and Mainstage 2. It's connected via a MidiMan (Midisport) 2 X 2 USB. I have no problem playing or recording software synths (Logic/GB etc.) I can also play/record IF I connect the DX7s to the audio cable (guitar jack) output into my mixer into the Mac. But, how can I get the DX7s Internal sounds/instruments that I made (mostly original parameter changes) to record in Midi mode? I made a Midi External Channel Strip. Actually, the notes are recorded. I can see them both in the Piano Roll as well as the Main Arrange window. But, why no sound? I also see that the Midi connection is seen because when I touch the keys (In) responds. But, the Output doesn't. If I connect headphones to the DX7s I hear the instruments. So, can someone share a pic of the Environment and tell if how to make the Midi Output set-up! I'd really appreciate the help! I've tried changing all the midi channels (all 16). thanx
  3. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Sounds like you are almost there. You still have to have the audio outputs of your DX 7 physically connected up to your audio interface. And then make sure that the physical inputs on your audio interface that are receiving the signal from the DX 7 are chosen in the "Input" field in the lower half of the External Instrument plug-in.
  4. xrc

    xrc Member

    May I ask! DX7 Midi

    Perhaps I have it wrong. But, I thought that playing Midi would just play back Midi (via Midi) do you mean that I need the audio output plugged in to hear the audio? Well, I can hear the audio play on my DX7. But, it still doesn't playback from Logic. even though the midi was recorded and is visible.
    But when I made a Midi Ext. Channel Strip there is no I/O in it. Only two knobs. I'm not sure about what I should do with an Aux Ch. Strip. Any advice? thank you

    BTW I noticed that when I hit a certain key on the DX7 that it starts Mainstage to play (loopback) why is this. I never assigned anything on the DX7 besides the Pitch/Mod wheels...
  5. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    Yes, you have it wrong. MIDI is merely a set of instructions. It contains no actual audio. You need to physically connect the audio output of your device that is receiving MIDI instructions, into something that will let you monitor the audio.

    How do you hear it? From where? Where is the audio out of your DX7 routed to?

    Create an aux channel strip and set it's input to correspond to the physical input on your audio interface that is receiving the audio signal from your DX 7. And bring the aux fader level up.

    Sorry, can't help you there. I don't use Mainstage.
  6. xrc

    xrc Member

    Yes, thank you. Now I get it! Slow ha? You must be a genius. Took a look at your web pages and some tuts. Great! I found a Midi tutorial on YouTube. and I went step by step with it (Until) it said to go to Open "Various Multi Sets" (which shows various Yamaha synths). But, I can't find it anywhere on my Mac. Looked in Logic...searched????
    Do you know where that would be? Thanks
  7. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    You don't need it for what you want to do. You would only need it if you wanted to have your DX7 patch names appear in a multi instrument patch name list. I wouldn't worry about that for now.

    FTR, it is a Logic file that shipped with earlier versions of Logic that contains various multi instruments with patch names corresponding to various external synths and modules.
  8. xrc

    xrc Member

    Thanks...U R right

    I guess I don't really need the names of the instruments that bad!

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