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Logic 9 E-drum friendly ESX 24 drum libraries?

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by slirak, Jan 2, 2011.

  1. slirak

    slirak Member


    I'm trying to find some really high quality 24 bit massively multi-sampled e-drum friendly acoustic drum kits in EXS 24 format.

    I'm looking for something akin to BFD2/Superior Drummer 2 quality and good compatibility with my Roland TD12 kit's mapping (which is quite a bit more involved than GM).

    I could get BFD2 or Superior Drummer of course, but I used to use Ableton Session Drums in Live, which is a library for Ableton's native Sampler instrument and I really liked its tight integration with Live. So I'm looking for a similar experience in Logic.

    I've been using that nifty Google thingy obviously, but to no avail.

    Any ideas?
  3. slirak

    slirak Member

    No reply as of yet - so, there's nothing like what I'm looking for, is there?
  4. Rain

    Rain Member

    That was my first question when I switched to Logic - I was looking for EXS24 drum libraries. Unfortunately, very few developers are selling libraries in EXS' native format.

    Imperfect Samples sells some amazing piano libraries, but as for drums, I've found nothing.

    I ended up buying an older gigastudio format library from Jim Roseberry at Studio Cat, and imported those samples in EXS. Not exactly my definition of fun time, but, anyway...

    Most likely, a third party solution would be closer to what you want and less of a hassle.
  5. slirak

    slirak Member

    Thanks for the reply! I guess the huge library supplied with Logic Studio doesn't leave much of a market for third-party sound designers. And it's probably difficult to compete with BFD et al when it comes to drums. Disappointing but not that surprising I guess.
  6. Rain

    Rain Member

    Yes, drum libraries seem like a particular case.

    Otherwise, I guess the main reason is that it is not as cost-efficient for developers to create libraries for EXS24 because it's a Logic only plug-in - therefore, it's only a small segment of the market.

    The most common format these days seems to be Kontakt (Native Instrument). It's cross platform and work in every host I can think of, including Logic.
  7. slirak

    slirak Member

    I do use a few Kontakt libraries with the Kontakt player and I'm not too happy with the experience. It often re-checks all samples for no apparent reason, load times are horrible (compared to Ableton's Sampler), streaming is unreliable and it crashes Logic pretty often. I wonder if the full version works better? (I'll probably get BFD or something similar anyway, since I rarely use samples for anything but drums.)
  8. Rain

    Rain Member

    I don't own Kontakt so I can't confirm. I prefer to stick w/ Logic's native set of plug-ins and instruments, and Kontakt is way too much for my needs. Plus I love EXS, despite the lack of third party libraries.

    BFD and similar offerings would seem like the best option - they're designed specifically for drums, so whenever you buy additional content, it's not like mapping different 3rd party drums in generic sampler - it's optimized for this particular drum sampler and presumably glitch free.

    That's probably the one exception I'll make to my rule of sticking w/ Logic's native plug-ins, eventually.
  9. slirak

    slirak Member

    Yeah, I'll just have to accept that this is one of the things where Live has the advantage. I'd already identified this as a potential drawback when I decided to switch to Logic. What does annoy me is that the dedicated offerings seem so bloated, with their own mixers and pattern sequencers and f/x and obtrusive GUI and whatnot. More like a program within the program than a plug-in. No biggie though, it doesn't make me regret the switch.
  10. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    This sounds like an older version of Kontakt is in use. My own experiences with Kontakt 4 have been very good, especially running in 64 bit mode in Logic 9.1.x. Load times are much improved, and I can't remember the last time Logic crashed running Kontakt. Perhaps if you describe your system there may be some pointers we can help with?

    wrt Drum samples, I just received the Abbey Road Modern Drum library and am loving it. It comes with the Kontakt player if you don't have the full version of Kontakt installed.

    There was a very good EXS 24 Drumset from Wizoo, no idea whether it is still available or not. I think part of the problem for 3rd party sample companies providing EXS 24 based sample libraries could be copy protection?

    kind regards

  11. slirak

    slirak Member

    I'm using the latest Kontakt player and Logic Express 9.13, in 32 bit mode.

    I currently use a late 2010 MBA which maxes out at 4GB (full system in sig) and so did the late 2008 MBP I used before that (the Kontakt player had the same issues then). Now I was under the impression that you wouldn't gain much from 64 bit mode except the ability to use more than 4GB RAM, which I can't anyway. But you're saying that Logic's more stable in 64 bit mode? Any potential drawbacks? I remember reading about issues with 32 bit plug-ins, is that still a problem?

    Yeah, I use the Abbey Road 60's drums, they sound pretty good. Surprisingly versatile.

    Is it this kit? I'm not impressed by the audio demo, it sounds muffled IMO, but maybe that's just due to poor MP3 encoding. Also, there's no mention about e-drum mappings. Maybe there's someone who owns this kit who could chime in?
  12. Eli

    Eli Senior member

    No, that's not it. They were by Wizoo and called Platinum 24. But they are not available anymore AFAIK. Wizoo was bought out by Digidesign several years ago. They were very nice sounding acoustic drum libraries that shipped in EXS 24 format (among others). But there was no special mappings for drum pad kits (hi hat control/pedal messages, etc)
  13. Markdvc

    Markdvc Administrator Staff Member

    OK, you are indeed limited to 32 bit with either of these setups.

    No, I didn't claim that it is more stable in 64 bit mode, but you are correct concerning the major benefit of 64 bit mode, namely being able to adress much more RAM.

    Which issues? Are you referring to having to click more often when using the 32 bit Audio Unit Bridge?

    Thanks Eli, that is the one I meant. I haven't actually used them for quite some time, but they are/were a class above the EXS factory drum sounds.

    kind regards

  14. slirak

    slirak Member

    I was under the impression that some of Wizoo's old products are now sold under the M-Audio brand. (Avid owns both Digidesign and M-Audio.) But you're right, I remember about the Platinum series now that you mention them. I was actually thinking about getting that kit for Cubase's LM4, but that was in another lifetime... ;) Thanks!
  15. slirak

    slirak Member

    OK, so there's no other gain with 64 bit mode?

    I honestly don't know! :redface: I never paid much attention to it since I'd already ruled out 64 bits because of the RAM limitation.

    OK, thanks guys for clearing that up and saving me a wild-goose chase!

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