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Educational discount questions

Discussion in 'Mac OS' started by smeet, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. smeet

    smeet Member

    So I'm all set to order myself a Mac Pro.
    My wife teaches, so I wanted to get the machine using her educational discount. Would there be a problem getting the machine using my apple ID but using her name for the discount? Are there any reasons I would NOT want to get the machine using the educational discount?

    Also, how and when does the online Apple store ask for proof of educational affiliation? She does not have an ID card from the school, but she has a letter on school letterhead saying that she is indeed a teacher there.

  3. Eddie Sullivan

    Eddie Sullivan Senior member


    I sent you a Private Message about this...
  4. smeet

    smeet Member


    Cool, got it resolved, thanks for your help Eddie.

    For anybody that is interested, the deal is that somebody in your household must be a student, teacher or staff. Then you go to the web store and click "education store" and enter the name of the school. Then go ahead and place your order, preferably with the ship-to name being the person affiliated with the school. Apple may or may not call (either you or the school I think) to validate whether you are actually eligible.
  5. VerbalVigilante

    VerbalVigilante New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I lecture part-time at a university here in the UK, do you know whether that would qualify me for the discount? I'll give the support guys a call on Monday I reckon.

  6. smeet

    smeet Member

    Apple can tell you for sure obviously, but I think that if when asked, the university will say that you teach there, then you are eligible for the discount. Just remember that software bought with the ed discount is not upgradable, so maybe you only want to buy hardware this way.
  7. VerbalVigilante

    VerbalVigilante New Member

    Thanks Smeet,

    I provided them with proof of the Uni I work at and hey presto almost 20% off!! Glad I stumbled across your post :)
  8. smeet

    smeet Member

    Glad to hear it! What did you get?
    My 27" iMac i7 should be here in a few days!
  9. VerbalVigilante

    VerbalVigilante New Member

    Good stuff, I went for the MacPro 8 Core. Not arriving for a couple of weeks, but that gives me time to source some cheaper ram and HD's for it!

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