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Logic 9 Effects Question

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Arzlo, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. Arzlo

    Arzlo New Member

    I have a couple newbie questions about effects in Logic Express 9.

    1. I recently emailed some of my tracks to a friend and they were all dry. Is there a simple way to write the effects to each track permanently?

    2. When recording a track (say electric guitar), can I use effects such as compression and have it automatically write those effects to the track to free up resources later. Basically, I want to record the effects to the track at the input stage kind of like you would do with outboard gear. Is this possible?

    3. When mixing, how to you automate effects and record similar to an Automix on a hardware recorder?

  3. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    You did something wrong. When you have effects in a channelstrip and bounce a track, the track should not be dry but the same sound you hear when you play it in Logic.

    This is not a good idea because you would not be able to change the sound later. However, if you want to do that, create an input track and put your effects into it. This will record the processed sound.

    Consult the manual for automation. If you want to record an automated submix, you can either bounce it or send your tracks to a bus and use this bus as input for an audio track.
  4. Arzlo

    Arzlo New Member

  5. Beerco

    Beerco New Member

    There is a very cool feature called "freeze track" which renders the track with all the effects and stores a duplicate copy. Check it out in the users manual.

    The cool thing about this is that it frees up resources but if you want to change something later, you simply un-freeze and make the changes.

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