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Environment Transformer - Randomize Pitch ::: Bug or Feature (Article)

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by Tangra, Oct 10, 2014.

  1. Tangra

    Tangra Senior member


    There are quite many discussions lately about the Logic Environment Transformer "Randomize Note Pitch" operation. By default it does not work as expected passing thru the original Note events data. That's why many Logic users think that it is a bug. Unfortunately this FAQ has never been answered correctly in all Logic forums, PRO training books/workshops, articles etc. As a result, many Logic users contacted the Audiogrocery (which is specialized into Logic Environment & MIDI FX developments). Here is a step by step explanation:

    Bug or Feature?

    It is a Logic self-protection feature! The Environment Transformer object is a complex scripting tool which consists of heavy codes created by the genius Emagic developers more than 15 years ago. There are hundreds of combo settings you can use but a few ones are Protected! The Note Pitch Randomization is one of them - why?


    The example (Fig.1) shows a triggering note D2 which passes thru the Transformer Pitch Randomizer (Pitch Condition) without any result. The programing reason which blocks that is Note Hanging!
    Bear in mind that this Transformer setting randomizes (in force Mode - see below) the Note ONs and the OFFs in a different way causing hanging notes. The factory Script: Note receiving (Condition) & Pitch Random (Scale Operation Assignments) is designed to block such Combo setting because it requires perfect Note ON randomizing registrations followed by proper Note OFFs - see the last Macro tool shown in this article below.

    Force Mode - Note to P-Press (Example)

    Let's force that limitation (Fig.2). In this test you can set the Operation "Status" to Control Change, Fader, P-press etc . In my scenario I have set the Operation Condition to "P-press" status, keeping the original Pitch Random Range "C3- G3".
    Note: The Transformer is forced and works as expected now! However the Monitor object shows P-Press (ON event F3) and (OFF event E3) which do not match each other and will cause Note hanging for sure - see below!


    Force Mode - Note to P-Press & P-press to Note

    Let's patch/cable one more Transformer object which will transform back the forced "P-press" randomization into Note events (Fig.3).


    This image shows clearly that the source triggered Note (D2) is randomized into D#3 Note ON (according to the 1st Transformer "Rand" setting) while the Note OFF is randomized to E3 which does not match the Note ON! This Environment "Forcing" scheme will cause "Note Hanging"!


    The main purpose of this article is to show that this "issue" is a Logic self-protection feature! However there is a forcing method alternative which can put that into work. As I mentioned before you can patch/cable a few Transformers to register the Note ONs event numbers during the randomization and use that register scheme to send proper Note OFFs numbers to the Instrument. Such complex Environment setup takes no more than 5-6 Transformers which can be packed into a Macro (Fig4).


    As you see the Note Pitch Randomizer example Macro shown in Fig.4 sends proper Note OFFs Numbers to the Instrument device.


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