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Discussion in 'Euphonix' started by mihc123@gmail.com, May 13, 2010.

  1. mihc123@gmail.com

    mihc123@gmail.com New Member


    I have a question.. Does anybody knows how to "save" EuControl settings? For example i would like to use the same soft keys on other DAW, but i dont" t know where is the file with my settings..

    Have a nice day,

  3. jackymattes

    jackymattes New Member


    Go to /username/library/preferences. There are two files, com.euphonix.eucon.plist and com.euphonix.eucontrol.plist. These two files (or maybe only one of them) should contain the software settings. I tried it by renaming both files and restarting eucontrol. A new, clean plist file was created and eucontrol started without any settings. No pages, no touchkeys, nothing... Therefore, it must be the plist files.

  4. mihc123@gmail.com

    mihc123@gmail.com New Member

    Hey jackymattes!

    Tank you for your help! Hope this will work..


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