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Even dumber!

Discussion in 'Metric Halo' started by rlhinc, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. rlhinc

    rlhinc New Member

    Hello, Allen...

    I've got another one for you -- hope I'm not abusing your time, but I suppose this is what this part of the LUG forum is for...?

    I'm setting up my ULN-8, and am purchasing cables for it's use. With regard to the 'Line Monitor/Out' DB25 connection to the unit: other than outputs to self-powered monitors, what else (as I gain experience and knowledge) might I use those outputs for? I ask because if I'm going to buy a 'DB25 to something' cable, I'd appreciate knowing what, other than two of those channels terminating in XLR Male connectors for the monitors, what else might I eventually hang on that 'Line Monitor/Out" DB25?

    In other words, will I likely use all 8 channels of those outputs in some sort of XLR configuration, or might I eventually use some of those channels in TRS form?

    In reality, I'm actually not terribly clear on the difference between the 8 channels of 'Balanced Send,' and the "Line Monitor/Out' outputs. Are they not both "Line Level?" I understand how and why one can use the "Send" channels to use outboard gear, etc... but other than that, it seems that these "Balanced Send" channels would be more significantly used than my remaining 6 channels of "Line Monitor/Out."

    Is this question even answerable without my knowing exactly what I'll be doing?

    Thanks again, Allen. I'm a bit uncomfortable taking your time with such elementary issues, but at least I bought a ULN-8 from you guys -- thanks for that sale!


  3. Allen Rowand

    Allen Rowand Member

    The goal was to set up a place where people using Logic and Metric Halo products could help each other out. For support, your best course of action would be to open a ticket at

    It's impossible for me to know what your future needs might be :) If you get an eight channel XLR breakout, you could always adapt to TRS if you need.

    The difference between the Sends and the Analog Outputs is that the send always mirrors the active Analog Input, where the Analog Outputs are routed to via the Mixer. This is covered in detail in the manual.

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