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Logic 9 EXS 24 file management

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Sparkle22, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Sparkle22

    Sparkle22 New Member


    I am churning my way through a massive file reorganisation and I am dumping all my Exs24 audio files to external drives.

    When I now open some of the EXS instruments it cannot find the new location for the samples, and so asks for it.
    I point it out and load it in. It asks for the next one .. etc etc etc.. .

    I've seen this before - but is there a way to tell the sampler - "this is the new location for all of the audio for that instrument. Stop asking for each and every samples and just load by default please!" . . . ?

    It is so annoying because being a Mac - there is no 'last used path' as on a PC (at least I don't think) so each and every time I have to navigate through a 7 stage file pathway - for each sample - for each instrument. It's going to take till next year!


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