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Logic X EXS Manager is making things worse...

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by itsthenoise, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. itsthenoise

    itsthenoise New Member


    I know Redmatica is dead although we live in hope for some Logic integration.
    I have the last know version that I bought in a package deal with AS and KeyMap years ago.

    I'm trying use EXSManager to relink some samples that I made with Autosampler years ago on El Capitan/Logic 10.2.4.

    If I pick two folders to link, instead of fixing the problems it not only doesn't work but creates more problems on instruments that used to work but now don't!! EXSManager appears to be changing the corresponding samples names so that when I try and 'manually' relink them the names of the samples are nothing like what the EXS patch is looking for. Hugely frustrating and ruining my sample library that I spent years creating myself.

    Hope someone can help.
  3. itsthenoise

    itsthenoise New Member

    The moral of the story is now EXS Manager has stopped being supported be very wary as it can change your sample names meaning that the original EXS file will no longer be able to find the corresponding samples.
  4. whinecellarstudio

    whinecellarstudio New Member

    It's because Apple changed some underlying frameworks lately, so EXS' search system no longer works like it used to. It's infuriating that they don't provide any tools to fix it.

    However, Chicken Systems Instrument Manager will get the job done. It fixed my massive EXS library when it started to go wonky. Best $60 you can spend if you have a big EXS library. It's deep and goes way beyond Redmatica - but it will do the job for sure!

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