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Logic 9 EXS "sample cannot be found" message

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by Rain, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. Rain

    Rain Member

    I recently installed Logic Express 9 on my brand new MBP. Once in a while, I get a "sample cannot be found" error message when trying to load certain EXS patches.

    I didn't notice any hiccup during the install process and it all went smoothly so I'm a bit perplexed. The computer is new, so I assumed it wasn't an issue with a bad sector on the hard drive either (though I guess this could happen).

    Anyone has a hint as to how I could try to fix this besides trying to re-install?

    Thanks in advance.
  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Just seems to happen, about 1 out of every 4 or 5 installs I have done during my tech work (and let me tell you, do I look like an idiot.. thanks Apple). Just run the installer and select the libraries again. Also, be sure to select all of them (including the L7 compatibility samples).
  4. Rain

    Rain Member

    Thanks, I'll do that.
    I'm used to this type of unexplainable glitches on the Windows platform - I wasn't sure but I guess my troubleshooting methodology will work just as well on Mac. :)
  5. Rain

    Rain Member

    Follow up, as this may be useful... Since for some reason the installer didn't seem to give me the option of selecting components (unless I really missed something or could it be a difference between the Express and the Pro installer?), I ended up downloading a little shareware called pacifist, which lets you browse the content of packages and select the files you wish to install/copy.

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