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EXS24 caused multiple problem when editing samples

Discussion in 'Logic Pro X' started by c0lm23, Jan 7, 2014.

  1. c0lm23

    c0lm23 New Member

    I am currently using Logic Pro X Version 10.0.5. I recently started sampling for the first time, by importing an .wav audio file and chopping it up. I highlighted all of the pieces of the chopped section and dragged them into a new group within the EXS24 plugin. I then set the EXS24 to monophonic. I then recorded a new midi track using these chopped samples. All of this went smoothly and as desired.

    I realized I wanted to edit some of these clips so I reopened the EXS24 plugin and went to edit the individual track by double clicking on the audio file name under the appropriate zone number. As anticipated, a new window popped up locating the chopped segment within the original .wav file. I was able to initially alter the beginning and end of the chop for several chops without any unwanted effects. However, I attempted to edit one particular chop, and upon playing back the midi track to hear the new edit, it replaced a completely different note with that sound clip! I went back to the note in question (the one that had been replaced, not the one I was editing), and found that the audio segmented that it should have been playing was highlighted (as expected) but that sound was not playing from that note!

    So after trying to scour the internet for a solution and mess around with EXS24, I figured I could just delete the note and re-drag the clip into the same zone # that it had previously been assigned to. However, doing this somehow caused this one clip to be assigned to every key within the EXS instrument, but not replacing the existing clips assigned to each key. (In the zone list, nothing was changed, but when I played back the midi track, each midi note consisted of the original appropriate clip as well as the unwanted transposed clip I had tried to re-add).

    I unfortunately saved the instrument and had closed the window prior to checking the track, so I am unable to undo this. However, even if I could undo it, I am very curious as to why this would be happening.
  3. gdoubleyou

    gdoubleyou Senior member

    Never seen that before!

    If you don't know what you did? Neither do I.

    Chances are it was operator error.

    Take a look at the samples, you may have to recreate the instrument.

    Verify that you actually edited the sample in question.


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