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Logic Studio apps EXS24 Samples Not Loading - Showing

Discussion in 'MainStage' started by mtjkeys, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. mtjkeys

    mtjkeys Member

    Hi LUG,

    I'm using some old samples from v5,6,7 in my EXS24 in 9.1.7 on an iMac. They load, work fine on it.

    I'm using a 2nd Mac Mini that I'm trying to setup a live rig in Mainstage.
    I did a few "preliminary" setups in Mainstage and emailed them to my Mini (just the preset) to work with. I load them in and I get "FM Piano ECO not found," but the sample is on the Mini and I go to the EXS24 and it doesn't give me a clear path to open/import/access the patch.

    Any ideas? What gives?

    Tim Jennens
    9.1.7 Logic
    2.1.3 Mainstage

    PS: Sorry, if I should have posted this on a Mainstage thread.
  3. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Are you using MainStage on the iMac and then sending concerts over? It's not clear to me. Do you have Logic on the Mini and if so, do the files show up in its EXS 24?
  4. mtjkeys

    mtjkeys Member

    Hi Doug,

    Thank you for replying. I found your email in my spam folder.

    OK, The EXS24 FM Piano sample IS loading in Logic 9.1.7 on my 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Mac Mini 10.6.8. I opened a file I used it in and no problems. OK, I opened ANOTHER file and it's in there as well.

    When I opened the "concert" in Mainstage (by the way I updated Mainstage to 2.2.2 on the mini) it still says "EXS24 instrument "FM Piano.exs" not found."


  5. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Hmmmm, not quite sure what the problem is. One more question, not sure you answered it yet. Have you opened up a new concert in MainStage on your Mini, loaded an instance of the EXS 24 and and still not found the file? This would point to a corrupt concert if you can load it in another MainStage concert.
  6. mtjkeys

    mtjkeys Member


    I THINK I figured it out. Not really sure.

    It looks as though when I loaded these samples in from old v5,6,7 install discs, the sounds are under weird categories. I found the sample under: Synthesizers>Synth Pads>STEREO FM E. PIANO. There seems to be a lot of other E. pianos in there as well. I thought it was weird that were only a few E. Piano samples under the keyboard category in the EXS24.

    That make sense?

  7. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member

    Glad you figured it out. You can always reorganize your samples and relink them if you want them in different folders and paths.
  8. mtjkeys

    mtjkeys Member

    Hi Again Doug,

    I'm a buyer of your work. I bought Score Editor and I JUST bought The Mainstage tutorials.

    But, in the meantime, I have a Kurz PC88mx as my main controller and I bought an M Audio Oxygen 49. My setup will eventually be, 49 to my left (Used specifically for basses) with the Kurz in front with (possibly) an M Audio Oxygen 61 stacked on the Kurz.

    I'm downloading the Mainstage tutorial as I write this. i've done some stuff in the past week or so with MS 2.2.2., but getting confused and the purchase I know will help.

    Today, I'm trying to program the 4 sliders/zones on my Kurz to possible do things in MS. No luck to speak of yet. Any knowledge of this keyboard?

    I'm an old hippie (61...62 in a week) and sometimes this stuff just makes my head swim.
    In 49 minutes the download will be done, but I just thought I'd touch base with you. You are an amazing guy with Logic and I'm sure with Mainstage as well.

  9. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member


    Thanks for buying the products! Hope they have/will helped you out.

    There are some basic tenets to remember with MS. You will connect (map) hardware sliders, knobs, etc. with screen controls in the Layout mode. Those screen controls need to be connected (mapped) to any parameter of a channel strip (including any mappable parameters of any plug-in). So, hardware to screen control, screen control to CS parameter.

    Then there are levels - concert, set and patch. Different reasons for mapping things at different levels. In general, a patch mapping takes priority over the set and concert, the set takes priority over the concert. It will all make sense soon, really.... The series should explain all of that pretty well.

    It is important that each hardware device has a unique MIDI CC (continuous controller) number. MS maps using CC numbers so if your Kurz sliders all transmit CC 24 (as an example), they will all control the same screen control. You may be able to modify this in the Kurz if needed.

    Regarding zones, I'd probably try to set these up in MS, but that may depend on what you want to do. The series covers this as well.

    Feel free to post back with more questions.
  10. mtjkeys

    mtjkeys Member

    Hey Doug,

    OK, sorry if these are totally dumb questions. But, it might possibly clear things up for me a little. At this point, I'm terribly confused. I've watched 10-12 videos and nothing is really sinking in. Haven't really found what will get me going, over the hump so to speak.

    When you are key commanding and moving things around on the screen, knobs, sliders in channel strips, etc. Are you doing that on a keyboard? Or your computer keyboard? If it's a keyboard/controller, where was that part of the tutorial assigning those knobs to do ALL that? I could visualize AND know a little better following it, if I knew that. Because, really, I could stop the video, go Mainstage and do what you are doing.

    I've yet to assign any knob to work on a my Kurz, MAudio Oxygen 49 I'm using, that actually functions. Really confused.

    Sorry, like I said, this stuff is probably right in front of me, but it's not coming to me what I'm doing wrong. The only REALLY concrete thing I've picked up was if you click on an insert and choose a bus that's not used yet it will open another aux strip. I really was happy learning that, because I wanted, reverb, delay AND Cchorus in my master settings along with output, master, etc.

    Confused And Bummed,

  11. Doug Zangar

    Doug Zangar Senior member


    Been out of town for a few days - sorry to not get back to you sooner.

    The initial mapping is in layout mode. You need to add screen controls (or use existing in template) and then select one with your mouse. In the screen control inspector (column on left) click on the learn button and then move a slider, knob or whatever on your hardware controller. You should see information update to show your controller, etc. in the inspector.

    The video on Panel controls maps hardware to the panel controls, then demonstrates how moving the hardware controls now control the MS interface.

    I do use the computer keyboard to change views within MS. Using the command key as a modifier, I hold it down and also the number 1 to get to layout mode, Command plus number 2 for Edit mode, etc.

    Not quite sure what is wrong. You need to make sure that they are both working and sending MIDI information. Do they work with other MIDI programs on your Mac (Logic, GarageBand, etc.)?

    There is a window on the top of the MS interface that will show MIDI in information if things are working correctly. If you don't see anything you should look in Audio MIDI setup to see if your computer recognizes these. There is a video on that (the last one in the Utilities category.) You may need the correct drivers for your hardware and the Mac OS you're using.

    Let me know if this helps.

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